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2023 Legislative MemoIn Support of

A.6444 -Santabarbara

Purpose:  Relates to prohibiting the acquisition or transfer of agricultural land by foreign adversaries after January 1, 2024; provides that such prohibition will not apply to any interest in agricultural land held by a foreign adversary prior to such date or any federally recognized Indian tribe or its government units and enterprises; defines terms.

Party Position: The New York State Conservative Party will always stand by the rights of the Constitution and protect American land from foreign adversaries as defined by the Department of Commerce. Ensuring United States and New York land goes to Americans and not foreign adversaries should not be a partisan issue. This bill aims to prohibit the acquisition or transfer of agricultural land by foreign adversaries after January 1, 2024. As conservatives, we believe that this bill is crucial to protecting the interests of American farmers and safeguarding our national security.

Agriculture is a vital industry in the United States, and it is essential that we protect our nation’s agricultural resources from foreign adversaries who may seek to exploit them. By preventing these adversaries from acquiring or transferring agricultural land, we can ensure that our nation’s farmers have the resources they need to continue producing food for our citizens.

Furthermore, as conservatives, we believe in protecting our national security. Allowing foreign adversaries to acquire agricultural land in the United States could pose a significant threat to our nation’s security. By preventing these acquisitions, we can prevent potential espionage and other security risks that may arise.

LM 2023-002