Title 42 Ends

President Trump implemented Title 42 to add additional strength in securing our borders during the COVID pandemic. The President’s secure the border policies, including building the border wall, were successful in stemming illegal immigration.

Of course, you need a President who understands that a federal priority, since our nation was Founded, is secure borders.

Title 42, as an emergency border measure during COVID, was going to expire at some point despite efforts to keep it in place. What comes next is what matters and once again Biden is letting the American people and, in particular, residents of Southern Border states down.

The 1,500 Federal troops he has sent to Texas are not there to work with Border Patrol to control the borders. They are there to assist in maintaining some degree of order once they cross with their often-spurious claim of asylum.

His announced implementation of a requirement that individuals first apply for asylum in a country they are traveling through on their way to the United States, has no effect on residents of Mexico attempting to enter America.  Additionally, it will be very difficult to document as gigantic loopholes are expected.

Regardless, the Biden Administration continues to use a band aid approach to an illegal immigration problem that is fueled by the cartels, terrorist organizations, and other criminal efforts to circumvent our laws.

I can think of a hundred reasons why Biden needs to be defeated. I would consider his failed border and immigration policies in the top five.

Assembly GOP Gets Important Win

Assembly Bill A2192 would end the ability of a landlord or property owner to check payment or credit history before signing a lease or going into a month-by-month tenancy.  Another dopey idea from the progressive Democrats who truly see property ownership as something the Bolsheviks eliminated a century ago. 

They have even more radical ideas awaiting.  Legislative review, such as the “good cause eviction” proposal that would, for all practical purposes, take away control of rental property decisions from the owner is just one more example.

Assembly Bill A2192 simply went too far. The Republicans, led by Republican Leader Will Barclay, intensely debated the bill. In a rare moment of common-sense in Albany over twenty Democrats agreed.

The end result was the Speaker pulled the bill from a vote before it was defeated. In essence the bill was killed in a very unusual way. Good work Leader Barclay, your members, and common-sense Democrats.

Memorial Day

It’s still a few weeks away but never too early to begin thinking of doing something to honor those who made the greatest possible sacrifice for our nation.

I plan to speak at a ceremony organized by the American Legion at Cypress Hills National Cemetery on Sunday, May 28th. On Monday I will participate in the Brooklyn Conservative Party’s 41st annual POW/MIA ceremony followed by marching with the Party in one of the nation’s oldest Memorial Day Parades which is held in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. My Wife and I will then gather with friends at a barbeque as we continue to celebrate Memorial Day.

As I believe all supporters of the Conservative Party know, Memorial Day is about those who died in service to our nation. Make a plan to celebrate Memorial Day that rings true to your belief in the greatness of America. As part of that plan bring along your children and/or grandchildren.  We often complain, correctly, that the school system does not teach them enough about our nation and its history.  This is a chance for you to share your love of our nation and those who have protected our way of life with them.