2022 Legislative Memo in opposition to expanding abortion to non New York State residents

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 2022 Legislative Memo


A10094-A Burdick/S 9039-A Biaggi

A.10372-A Rules (Lavine)/S 9077-Krueger

Party Position:

Each of these proposed bills expand the act of aborting an unborn child.

A. 10094/S. 9039 seeks to grant those who travel to New York state for the purpose of obtaining an abortion the “rights” of a citizen of New York state. Known as the “FIRE HATE” (freedom from interference with reproductive and endocrine health advocacy and travel exercise act). It seeks to circumvent the jurisdiction of Courts outside of the State of New York to restrict their state citizens from traveling to New York to exercise the “rights” provided to New York citizens.

A. 10372-A/S. 9077-A seeks to provide legal protections to abortion providers. Similar to the above, the bill seeks to prohibit courts from cooperating with out-of-state civil and criminal cases that stem from abortions that took place legally within New York state.  It also seeks judicial protections by prohibiting law enforcement from cooperating with any anti-abortion states; investigations regarding abortions that took place legally.  It also prevents extradition of abortion providers.

New York allows abortions through all stages of pregnancy almost up until the birth of an innocent unborn child.  It is incomprehensible to allow abortions to be preformed on out-of-state residents, and certainly to not allow New York’s taxpayers to pay for abortions for out-of-staters.

The Conservative Party of New York State is a pro-life Party that believes an unborn child has a right-to-life.

We strongly oppose these bills and any bills that seeks to end the life of an unborn, innocent child.

LM 2022-005