2022 Legislative Memo IN OPPOSITION TO…  S. 9407-B Kavanagh A. 10497 Rules (Jacobson)

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 2022 Legislative Memo


 S. 9407-B Kavanagh     A. 10497 Rules (Jacobson)

 Title:  An act to amend the penal law, the general business law and the executive law, in relation to the unlawful purchase and unlawful sale or delivery of a body vest.

Party Position: This proposed bill creates two new sections of Penal Law that seeks to make it unlawful to purchase a body vest when, “not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, they knowingly purchase or take possession of a body vest.”  People who are not eligible to purchase a body vest would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor the first time, and a class E felony on subsequent offenses.  The same penalty would be imposed on the seller or a person who exchanges, gives or disposes of a body vest.

The General Business Law is amended to create a violation punishable by a fine up to $5,000 for the first violation and up to $10,000 for subsequent violations.

Although the Party can conceptional support regulating body armor, ordinary citizens are looking for lawful ways to keep their families and themselves protected from the violent crime rates that, unfortunately, continue to rise.  We are concerned that this proposed bill, which is overly broad, would hamper the ability of everyday people from purchasing similar protection for themselves and their families.

The Conservative Party urges a no vote on this bill.

LM  2022-006