2022 Legislative Memo calling for passage of A.9095-Byrne/S.8656-Tedisco


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2022 Legislative MemoIn Support of  9095 Byrne / S. 8656 Tedisco

 Purpose:  A concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly proposing an amendment to section 1 of article 2 of the constitution, in relation to allowing only citizens to vote at elections.

Party Position: This proposed amendment to the New York State Constitution, when passed by the voters of New York, will provide that the right to vote is reserved only for law-abiding citizens who meet the requirements to vote in New York State.

Allowing non-citizens the privilege of voting diminishes the voting power of those who are born in America and those who have chosen the process to become American citizens.

Some of the requirements to become an American citizen are to establish residency where they intend to apply, live in the US for a certain number of years as a green card holder, have a basic understanding of English, both spoken and written, as well as demonstrating knowledge of history and government, and to have a good moral character.

New York State has welcomed untold numbers of people wanting to live in America; New Yorkers are proud of the diversity of the residents who chose to live in New York.

New York’s residents must be given the opportunity to amend our constitution to make it perfectly clear that only citizens have the right to vote in our great state.

This proposed amendment seeks to supersede any effort to expand the right to vote to non-citizens at the local level.

If you, the elected members of the legislature, truly believe that you speak for the people of New York about a decision as important as allowing non-citizens the right to vote, you should allow the people of New York decide.  The first step is to pass this proposed amendment this year and again next year.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges the passage of A.9095-Byrne/S.8656-Tedisco.

LM 2022-003