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2023 Legislative Memo… In Support of

A. 5301 – Slater

Purpose: To protect New York State and the United States of America’s interests from foreign governments, entities and non-citizen individuals.

Party Position: As noted in the Preamble of the US Constitution, one of the primary responsibilities of government is to protect its citizens. Our state constitution is also charged with protecting people from local threats.

New York State has several areas that citizens rely on to provide its citizens with protection from her enemies; unfortunately, lately our enemies (as defined by the Department of State) are looking to obtain real property near such entities for probable nefarious reasons.

It is the responsibility of the Members of the NYS Legislature to make certain that our government buildings and military bases, as well as any other similar entities designed to protect New Yorkers, and in fact, all of America’s citizens, remain free of foreign countries being able to purchase nearby land or any other means of putting our citizens in danger.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges every elected legislator to place the long term safety of New Yorkers (and all Americans) above the acquisition of real property by foreign countries and entities that the Department of State identifies as places of particular concern.

New York, in its infancy, played a major role in making America the best country in the world; our form of government “by the People” acknowledges that “we the People” will protect our citizens. Now 234 years later, this legislative body must pass this legislation to maintain their commitment to the people who duly elected them and keep them and all Americans as safe as possible.

LM 2023-001