Statement From NYS Conservative Party

January 25, 2024
Contact: Bill O'Reilly, 212-396-9117


Brooklyn, NY…The New York State Conservative Party today released its 2024 Legislative Program and priorities which call for, among other things, lowering spending and taxes, abolishing cashless bail, ending sanctuary cities, supporting parental rights, and preserving existing, court-ordered legislative boundaries.

The Conservative Party publicly submits its agenda each year to make clear its positions and priorities for the annual legislative session in Albany. A link to the complete 2024 Legislative Program is available here.

“The Conservative Party has never been ambiguous about its beliefs,” said State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “This party stands for personal freedoms, constitutional rights, free and fair markets, public safety, and, above all, limited government. In every one of those categories, Governor Hochul’s New York has failed.  Under this governor, and single-party Democrat rule, New York is more expensive, less safe, uncompetitive, and far less free. Is it any wonder that more than 1.3 million people — more than six percent of the population — have left this state under the last two Democrat governors alone?”

Priorities for the 2024 legislative session include:

  • Preserving legally drawn congressional and state senate lines from 2022;

  • Ending sanctuary cities and prohibiting non-citizen voting;

  • Requiring all law enforcement agencies to hold any person in our state illegally for federal law enforcement officials;

  • Repealing so-called criminal justice reforms that have brought crime and chaos into our communities;

  • Safeguarding the rights of citizens to use natural gas in their homes and in new construction;

  • Repealing same-day voting to preserve the integrity of elections;

  • Restoring the right of parents to decide what’s best for their children in schools;

  • Repealing the regressive Congestion Pricing Tax;

  • Establishing term limits for state elected office holders;

  • Passing a Constitutional Amendment establishing Initiative and Referendum and Recall;

  • Prohibiting the use of tax dollars to prevent or end a pregnancy;

  • Fully funding and supporting law enforcement and restoring effective crime-fighting techniques;

  • Protecting home-rule status for local zoning laws;

  • Defeating the so-called Equal Rights ballot amendment that will strip away parental rights;

  • Supporting the Supreme Court’s “concealed carry” guarantee;

  • Opposing any personal income tax increases and efforts to reinstate a stock transfer tax;

  • Adopting a Constitutional Amendment that would require that the NYS Budget be strictly limited to budget items and not programs;

  • Opposing assisted-suicide and supporting palliative care for terminally ill patients;

  • Ending so-called “safe injection sites” and opposing the recreational use of all drugs, including psychedelic/hallucinogenic mushrooms.

  • Abolishing the divisive Reparations Commission;

  • Prohibiting unelected bureaucrats and commissions from making state laws;

  • Classifying all Emergency Medical Services an essential service;

  • Allowing school districts to have armed personnel and to provide proper firearm training for them;

  • Ending “free” college tuition and opposing efforts to forgive student loans, and

  • Making all higher education available on-line to reduce exorbitant college costs.

“Under this governor and Democrat-led legislature, New Yorkers are reeling from taxes, crime, illegal immigration, government corruption, and a dearth of good-paying jobs,” Mr. Kassar continued. “But things don’t have to remain this way. With proper, common-sense leadership, rather than unchecked progressivism, New York could thrive again. It will be up to the voters in November to begin taking their state back.”