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September 12, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “Negotiating away the death penalty with terrorists at Guantanamo Bay would be a travesty of justice against the more than 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, their surviving family members, and every servicemember who has risked his or her life over the past 21 years to protect this nation from further attacks.

“Self-proclaimed 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his terrorist confederates, Ramzi Binalshibh, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, Walid bin Attash and Ammar al-Baluchi, should have been tried in military court years ago for their murderous attacks against U.S. citizens.

“Mohammed and his partners plotted for months to kill as many innocent Americans as possible on that bright September morning and would have killed hundreds or thousands more in Washington, D.C. had brave passengers not overtaken one of the hijacked aircraft over Pennsylvania. Any efforts to soften the penalties they pay for their actions are unacceptable. Time will never lessen the evil these men did.”


Will “zero admissions” help Climate Change or make things worse?

Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War.

What Iran’s Terrorist Proxies Will Do with Biden’s Concessions and Billions

The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ to Increase Inflation and Impoverish Middle Class Americans.

End Infanticide

Get set for an ugly two months as Dems distract voters from their own disasters.

ICYMI; Michael Goodwin writes:  Fed-up voters Leen Zeldin’s way in New York governor race.

Kathy Hochul owes Lee Zeldin, and every other New Yorker, real answers.

How a Hochul donor received $637M in state payments. “I was not aware that this was a company that had been supportive of me,” Hochul said during a July 20 press briefing, referring to the campaign donations. “I don’t keep track of that. My team, they have no idea.”  All I will say about this is, if you believe it, beware of scam artists.

Question for AOC:  doesn’t that chip on your shoulder get very heavy to carry, or do you relish the weigh to gain media support? AOC Claims Americans ‘Hate Women,’ But At Least She Can Build Ikea Furniture By Herself

What Happened When Rhode Island Rushed to Make It Easier to Vote (and Cheat)

Climate gains are ‘inconvenient truth’ — it’s not all bad news about the environment.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s scheme for the Oval Office

Gov. Newsom may want to take this advice before he measures the curtains in the White House again. California’s Energy Grid Is a Mess. Here’s How to Fix It

Newsom should also note this:  Electric Cars Are Not ‘Zero-Emission Vehicles

What Happened When 1 Government Fell Under Influence of World’s Environmental Extremists

Obviously a “Not in my backyard” person and her complaints proves that the democrats that are complaining about the illegals being brought to their cities/towns belong in the class of politicians that stand for nothing, content to preach what others should do, but have no intention of following through with what they say:  DC Councilmember Complaining About Becoming a Border Town Had Praised Sanctuary City Status

Once Upon a Time the Government Encouraged Real Men.

Jeff Minick asks the question:  Is Boredom Driving Our Culture of Lunacy?

Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on the shortsighted decision by the Farm Laborers Wage Board

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
September 7, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “New York family farms and their employees will suffer a serious economic blow thanks to a shortsighted decision by the Democrat-controlled Farm Laborers Wage Board yesterday. Family-owned agricultural businesses in New York have been reeling for years from overregulation, oppressively high taxation — including the Death Tax, which forces surviving family members to sell land to pay Albany and Washington following the death of loved ones — and now this. These family farms work on incredibly tight margins, competing with agricultural competitors from across the hemisphere. This decision will put a lot of people out of work — in the false name of progress. New York strikes again.”




Governor Newsom’s 6 day nightmare…

‘Insane’: Judges rely on ‘cheat sheet’ to apply New York’s baffling bail reform law

Labor Day snapshot: payroll employment in New York still a tale of two states

CNN reporter tweets there are ‘serious questions’ about Hunter Biden, FBI: ‘Shouldn’t be a partisan issue’

Biden Puts the ‘Total’ in Totalitarianism

Michael Goodwin wrote in Sunday’s NY Post:  Joe Biden’s divide & clunker approach

Think Biden’s student loan write-offs are unfair? Just take a look at the fine print.

As Heckler Interrupts Speech, Joe Biden Doubles Down on Demonizing Republicans for ‘Destroying Democracy’.

Biden again attacks ‘MAGA’ GOP members of Congress, ‘full of anger, violence and hate,’ in Labor Day speech.

Saving America’s Future

Why is it that when republicans do good things most of the main stream media “forget” to mention they are republicans?  Onondaga County surplus sits at $135M, McMahon teases largest tax cut in the last decade

Lee Zeldin trails Gov. Kathy Hochul by just 4 points, new poll finds.

NY Republicans campaigning against Midtown congestion toll plan

Blue state governors bash red states because they’re feeling the heat

Running scared? Hochul ducks reporters at West Indian fest as Zeldin closes in.

Kathy Hochul Appears to Be Another Democrat Running Scared As Race Against Lee Zeldin Tightens

Trump helps Lee Zeldin raise $1.5M in NJ while basking in love from New York GOP

Lee Zeldin, Kathy Hochul ad war enters ‘hot phase’ after Labor Day.

Governor Newsom:  How are those electric cars doing?  California urges residents again not to charge EVs on busy travel weekend.

Will the media’s coverage of Joe Biden’s speech tonight conceal his ineptness?

Lying Joe Biden is unfit to save the ‘soul of the nation’

Biden’s imposing racism in everything from housing to health care

Mia Cathell ask the question: Can You ‘Buy a Cannon?‘  You may be surprised at the answer; Joe Biden will be shocked!

Miranda Devine opines about Tyrannical old Joe’s secret police state. Expect more of this tonight when President Biden speaks to the nation:  Biden’s New Slur to Tar His Political Opponents.

Do you think the Biden Administration will apologize for this? Or try to get it back? Neither do I. IRS Sent Over $1 Billion In Stimulus Checks To Locked Up Criminals, Including Murderers.

A Deal Based on Lies: The Iran Nuclear Agreement Will Make War More Likely

Taliban Holds Military Parade With U.S. Equipment to Celebrate Anniversary of Biden’s Humiliating Withdrawal

Thomas Hogan writes about A Litany of Failure/Assessing progressive criminal-justice policies

A vicious psych-al: Here’s what happened to homeless man who attacked me in NYC

Dems’ disdain for democracy, who wants a civil war and other commentary

Sorry, Hochul: Your bail-reform ‘fixes’ don’t cut it — so stop passing the buck

Gov. Hochul declares ‘theory’ of ‘good guy with a gun’ stopping armed ‘bad guys’ is over. So, Governor, when are you giving up your state police protection?

New Yorkers Who Want a Concealed Carry Permit Could Get a Visit From the Police. Mayor Adams, do you really think those who are in gang wars selling drugs and shooting up our streets are going to apply for a concealed carry permit?

How the Biden Administration Moved to Soft-Pedal the China Threat

China Threatens to Destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink

China Is Torturing Critics in Psychiatric Hospitals

Chinese Student Associations Enforce Communist Party Line on American Campuses

Ironic, isn’t it? California asks residents to avoid charging electric cars amid intense heat wave.

Federal Court Ruling on Gender Identity Upends Civil Rights Law

‘I Don’t Care About My Career’: Rob Schneider Says He’s ‘Absolutely’ Willing To Lose Everything

How will Randi Weingarten spin this? Math, Reading Scores Plummeted to Lowest Level in Decades during School Shutdowns

Quiet quitting: Why Gen Z’s latest trend is setting it up for failure

Our candidates have been working all summer, it’s time for you to help them WIN!

Why is it okay for Texas to be overrun by people crossing the boarder illegally since the Biden Administration opened the floodgates, but it isn’t okay to bring these same people to the city that calls itself a sanctuary city? Can you say hypocrite, Manuel Castro? Why don’t you go see for yourself what is happening in and around the areas where the migrants are invading our country; see what has happening to Texas. Oh, and when you crossed the boarder at age 5, was that legally or illegally?

These are the best pollsters, and they are telling you this is ours to lose! Congressional Ballot Tightens, Time for GOP to Play Offense. This is the last summer weekend, and it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Our candidates have been campaigning for months; standing up for all of us who want to keep America and New York with the values – challenging work and not depending on government – that created the greatest nation and the empire state. We work for what we want and don’t depend on government handouts, because what government gives to you and can take from you.  Government does not sell a product – other than letting you believe it has a source of income other than your paycheck- and when government runs out of your money, you will be the loser, not the elected officials who will continue to live like the oligarchs they have become. We need to elect people who understand that our freedom is what made America and New York great, not our dependence on government. We certainly do not need our Governor telling us to move because we dare to disagree with most of her policies; we need a governor firing DA’s that refuse to abide by the oath of office they chose to take. Government officials are not elected so they can become enriched by the system they exploit or use their inside knowledge to enrich themselves, or their spouse.  As of today, November 8, 2022 is 70 days away; we can and will elect our statewide team – For Governor and Lt. Governor Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito, Paul Rodriguez for Comptroller, Michael Henry for Attorney General and Joe Pinion for US Senate and of course, your local legislators.  (Check with your county chairman to find out who is running.) You earned what you have; don’t let the current government take it and give it to those who think they are entitled to your earnings. And it isn’t only your earnings they want; New York lawmakers seek better tracking of gun purchases.

The New Politics of Bifurcation.

Of Course This Is Who Biden Picked to Lead ‘Centralized’ IRS for His Massive Expansion.

Pentagon Misfires With Victory Lap on Afghanistan Withdrawal One Year Later.

Can Biden Cancel Student Loan Debt? Here’s Why It’s a ‘Major Question.’

Mr. President do you remember saying these words:  “Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together.  Uniting our people. And uniting our nation. I ask every American to join me in this cause.” Since your 2021 Inaugural Address you have done little to bring our country together, in fact you are pitting us against each other with all your progressive policies. Tomorrow, you plan to address us again, this time  by going prime time to spotlight fight to protect democracy following jabs at ‘MAGA Republicans’, Mr. President, your words mean absolutely nothing…they are words written by others in the hope that you can hold on to your position and keep the democrats in control.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

When You’re Headed the Wrong Way, Turn Around.

Why Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals?

Are you sure you want government health care?

In case you missed FEE’s analysis:  Zuckerberg Explains to Joe Rogan Why Facebook Censored the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The “Great Reset”: A Blueprint for Destroying Freedom, Innovation, and Prosperity.

Still More Dangerous New Concessions by Biden Administration for a Nuclear Deal with Iran’s Mullahs

Will Biden strike a terrible Iran deal just for short-term political gain?

Tehran Debates the Bomb

Europe’s Twilight: Christianity Declines, Islam Rises.

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome to World of Government Health Care.

Twitter scorches Kathy Hochul for telling Republicans to ‘get out’ of New York: She’s ‘gotta go’/Republicans pushed back against Hochul for her divisive language.

How Rising Prices Are Affecting Young Adults

A Vote-Buying Scheme for Affluent Millennials.

Did you see this over the weekend? Comparison of Biden’s student loan handout to Jesus miracle by former NBA coach gets slammed on Twitter. What is Van Gundy ingesting (Psilocybin mushrooms?) as he certainly is hallucinating.

More than 2M New Yorkers expected to get student-debt relief: Schumer. Sen. Schumer lives in a make believe world that thinks our paycheck belongs to him so he can do what he wants with it. Time for Schumer to go! Help Joe Pinion retire Chuck.

NY Post Editorial:  Student-loan forgiveness is proof Dems don’t care about the rule of lawEvery single democratic who voted for this bill (and the Inflation Reduction Act that allows for, among other atrocities, 87,000 new IRS employees) should be fired by voting them out of office.

Biden’s Move to Fortify DACA Program an Unlawful Quasi-Amnesty.

Ramesh Ponnuru:  What Bill Clinton Understood About Big Government That Biden Doesn’t.

Here’s the Dems’ Latest Scare Tactic for the Upcoming Midterms.

The One Letter That Exposes the FBI’s Trump Raid Was Not About Missing Documents

Jeff Minick:  Reflections on the Reality We’re Facing.

Great advice from a person who lived through the experience:  Why we should stop casually prescribing antidepressants to teens.

As a doctor and dad, I am ashamed by how horribly my field mistreats kids with ‘gender-affirming’ therapies.

On Being Conservative.

Biden’s Game of Buying Votes Only Flushes Your Money Down the Drain.

National Review’s Op-Ed is excellent:  Biden’s Student-Debt Decree Wrong on Every Level“To the extent it is possible, the order must be challenged in court and hindered by every legal means available. Republicans have rightly blasted the move, with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell calling it a “slap in the face to working Americans.” They should devote the time from now to Election Day exposing this grotesque giveaway to voters and reasserting reality: The U.S. president is not an omnipotent genie placed behind the Resolute desk to grant partisan wishes by the stroke of his pen.”

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) wrote this in February, 2019:  How Government-Guaranteed Student Loans Killed the American Dream for Millions.  “When government-guaranteed checks keep rolling in, there’s no incentive for colleges and universities to lower their prices. In fact, they do the opposite.”  Government created the mess, and as usual, now they want you to pay for their promising you (or should I say buying your votes with your money) they will take care of you from cradle to grave.

Why Biden’s Student Loan Bailout Is Unfair.

White House Can’t Explain How Biden Will Pay For His Loan Handout.

William Bennett on Biden’s student loan handout plan: ‘Terrible, idiotic idea’.

Biden’s Student Loan ‘Cancelation’ Plan Could Cost Taxpayers Up to $60,000,000,000 Over Next 10 Years

FBI Officials Told Agents Not to Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop ahead of 2020 Election, Whistleblower Says.

Steven Malanga writes in City-Journal:  Trump Derangement Won’t End with Trump/Already, progressives are branding the GOP’s next generation as “a threat to democracy”— sound familiar?

Thomas Hogan and Joseph McGettigan on The Disappearing Federal Prosecutor/To control violent crime, the Department of Justice must re-engage.

Gordon G. Chang writes in Gatestone Institute:  China Is Weaponizing Chinese Worldwide to Support the CCP

Iran Prepares to Take Out Israel – Right after Iran Deal Is Signed.

Conservatives Beat Establishment, House GOP Leadership in NY-22.

Boston Children’s Hospital’s transgender insanity reveals how unhinged elites make money off our kids.

Christopher F. Rufo writes in City-Journal that Radical Gender Theory Comes to the Heartland/A Missouri school district promotes the idea that “gender is a universe.”

Marijuana and hallucinogen use among young adults reached all-time high in 2021.

Who is the dictator, Governor Hochul?

You’re not New Yorkers’: Hochul says political rivals like Zeldin ought to move to Florida.  ““We are fighting for democracy. We’re fighting to bring government back to the people and out of the hands of dictators,” Hochul said at a Monday evening rally in Kingston alongside Democratic congressional candidate Pat Ryan, where she called out his Republican opponent, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, Zeldin and former President Donald Trump.”

Looking at the photos in the NY Post article, I do not see a teleprompter, which leads me to believe that New York’s Governor is speaking from her deeply held beliefs that she is “fighting to bring government back to the people and out of the hands of dictators…” and then went on to say “Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro – just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong. OK? Get out of town. Because you don’t represent our values,” added Hochul, who raised eyebrows last week for a dig against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at a Manhattan event commemorating the Holocaust. (As written in that article, Gov. Hochul quickly noted “Getting in trouble – gotta stay on script…”.)

It is interesting how you say that the three gentlemen you singled out to “jump on a bus and head down to Florida,” “don’t represent your values.”

Which values are you referring to, Governor? The ones you used when you chose Brian Benjamin as your Lt. Governor? Perhaps you are referring to the amount of money taxpayers will have to pay for the Buffalo Stadium that potentially could benefit your husband.  Of course, your values include using state aircraft as your personal taxi, refusing to fire DA Bragg, lets not forget that you also refuse to protect merchants, customers, and innocent people by not having a meaningful discussion of the criminal justice reforms that has caused untold hardship on New Yorkers just trying to make a living in New York State.  Your values also include using Executive Orders to prevent New York returning to a sense of normality as COVID lessens it grip on New York. Governor Hochul, your values also include signing a legislative package to “strengthen” the state’s gun laws, which are already among the most restrictive gun laws possible, to further limit our 2nd Amendment rights.

It is interesting to know that you want to take New York’s government out of the hands of dictators; while all you have done with your words is show what a dictator you are. If New Yorkers do not agree with what you want, if they want to protect innocent lives, especially unborn innocent lives, if they do not want their hard earned money used to build a sports stadium they will never use, if they complain when you use state aircraft as your personal taxi, if they demand an honest discussion on the failed criminal justice reforms, if they are fed up with Executive Orders interfering in their daily lives and understand that placing more restrictions on our 2nd Amendment only creates a market for more illegal guns on the streets, they are the dictators, Governor?

Look in a mirror, Governor, you are the dictator, and we will end your reign.

Save our State. Get Involved. Vote for Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito.

Tomorrow is NY’s second Primary Day: check your local papers to see if your area has a primary.

From Bill Hammond:   New York’s health insurance price controls are not working.

Another gem from Bill Hammond writing for the Empire Center as he examines Washington’s newly enacted climate, health and tax package that harbors an only-in-New York glitch: New federal health funding is headed for Essential Plan limbo in New York

Hypocrite! Gov. Hochul blasts district attorneys who ‘undercharge’ perps after NYC sucker-punch. The hypocritical governor must be feeling the heat due to her lack of judgement regarding the criminal justice reforms she has staunchly upheld since taking office a year ago. Her lack of concern for the people of New York cannot be ignored with one presser blasting DA’s; Governor Hochul could have set an example but chose not to by listening to her progressive allies in the legislature.

Sarah Arnold points out in her column on Woke New York Gov. Signs Bill to Scrap ‘Gendered Language’ that in Democrat-controlled New York, passing a law to better suit liberals who get offended by a word is more important than spending the time to fix the city’s crime problem.

One arrest doesn’t end the ‘open season’ on law-abiding New Yorkers thanks to your laws, Gov. Hochul.

This is a must circulate NY Post editorial to those who are still on the fence as to whom they will vote for on November 8, 2022. Gov. Hochul’s endless weaseling is killing the Empire State. If you are fed up with the failed policies that are the legacy of the democratic party get involved and Save our State.

Good for Ms. Biaggi; obviously Ms. Biaggi understands capitalism, as evidenced by the purchase, by her entrepreneur husband and herself (while apparently holding on to her previous $691,006 condo in Pelham), it is unfortunate that the policies she embraces as a progressive lefty makes it extremely difficult for everyone else to enjoy the fruits of their labor.   Alessandra Biaggi relocates to new district in million dollar home.

Biden Plans to Use Tax-Payer Money to Fund Amtrak to Send Illegal Aliens to American Towns

The insane topsy-turvy response to NYC’s migrant crisis

GOP ad blitz for Steve Wells surges to almost $1M in final days of CNY campaign for Congress “If they weren’t in trouble, they wouldn’t be spending this kind of money at the last minute,” (Tom) Dadey told | The Post-Standard on Sunday. “They’re buying more ads at the 11th hour because they’re panicked.” Read how the Citizen ( fact checks the ad about our candidate, Brandon Williams. (Hopefully, it is not behind a pay wall.) A piece of advice for voters: don’t rely only on ads to make your choice; it would be in ones’ best interest to question all ads running about all candidates; contact the campaign and the candidate to know whom you are voting for. Attend/watch debates. Stop by their campaign office.  Read the local papers, talk to your neighbors. Get involved in the race, after all the candidate is elected by you to represent what you would do if you were elected.

Leor Sapir ask the question in his City Journal column:  A Victory for Child Welfare? Did the American Academy of Pediatrics tacitly reverse its stance on pediatric gender medicine?

The redacted raid affidavit says…

BREAKING: Judge Rules on Release of Trump Raid Affidavit   — Bruce Reinhart says he’s inclined to partially unseal the Trump Mar-a-Lago affidavit.

This is devastating news:  Census Errors Will Distort Elections, Funding for Next Decade.  Then there is this:  Inflation Reduction Act Increases Washington’s Power.  The US Government is a body that is elected by the people and answer to the people; not a bunch of ignorant bureaucrats whose only loyalty is to the elected officials who hire them. Don’t let the WOKE take over our lives; we have 82 days to take back the reigns that run America, and if we don’t, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Obviously, not an embedded war correspondent, albeit he would like you to think he has been. Journalist: Trump Supporters Are the Most Dangerous Animals I’ve Ever Covered.

Status of Global War against Terrorism.

There are days when I am looking for articles for the blog that are very dismal, then there are days that you see a headline and just laugh aloud. This is one of those headlines:  Liz Cheney ‘Thinking about’ 2024 Presidential Run after Losing Primary to Trump-Backed Challenger.  News flash for Liz Cheney, when those you know you best reject you, even after you ask those from the opposing party to vote for you, how will you mount a presidential run? Thanks for the laugh, Liz.

CDC Director Walensky to reorganize agency after admitting Covid pandemic response fell short. A reorganization isn’t all it needs; it needs to have a variety of experts to discuss all the possible solutions and then speak as one; not as individuals who listen to whom they are beholden to.  For example, why did Randi Weingarten dictate the protocol for students? What was the basis of her expertise in public health? By the way, Ms. Weingarten only taught for 6 years in the early 1990’s and full time for only half that amount.  Since then, Ms. Weingarten has been a teacher’s union executive earning $426,000 in 2020-2021.

Hochul announces statewide ‘VaxtoSchool’ initiative.

Speaking of teacher’s unions:  Aren’t We Better Than Minneapolis Teachers Union’s Racist ‘Fire Whites First’ Policy?

New Jersey teachers’ union condemns parents as ‘extremist’ in new ad.

Michelle Malkin writes:  Beware of Big Bathroom Brother.

Congestion-Pricing appears to be in the fast lane again.  Nicole Gelinas writes in City-Journal All Stuffed Up/The MTA’s congestion-pricing plan needs fixing.

While The New York Times explains Why Drivers Could Soon Pay $23 to Reach Manhattan.

3 Previous Presidential Records Act Controversies

How America’s Unsecured Border Contributes to Fentanyl Crisis, Deaths.

Bringing the Fun Home: Five Family Outings for Tight Budgets.

In the world of journalism will there ever be another Tony Snow or Walter Cronkite?

From the Washington Times editorial page: Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act diminishes prospects for human progress.  “Hope is contagious, optimists are fond of reminding. So is doubt, unfortunately. The Democratic Party’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act, supposedly packed with smart policy remedies for an ailing nation, is the work of doubters bent on extinguishing the material progress that has made America exceptional. It serves the aims of the “degrowth” movement, which is to reduce the imprint of human progress upon the globe.”

White House not saying when the Inflation Reduction Act will begin to cut inflation.

To say this is outrageous is an understatement:  Biden’s new Title IX rules deputize teachers to override parents on gender identity.  “Biden’s proposal is an invasive use of federal power to deputize teachers and school administrators to override parental decision-making. And while some states have passed laws to protect parental prerogatives, the administration will claim that its federal rules take precedence.”

‘No I’m not’: Hochul rebuffs calls to halt congestion pricing.

Christopher Wrey, aka Oligarch (An oligarch is one of the select few people who rule or influence leaders in an oligarchy—a government in which power is held by a select few individuals or a small class of powerful people) Wrey, FBI director visited ADKs/Wray would not extend Senate hearing, flew to Adirondacks, on a private FBI jet to land at the Adirondack Regional Airport for a long weekend.

Merrick Garland looks set to indict Trump — despite his glaring conflict of interest.

Trump raid shows that FBI, Justice Department want to decide who can be our president.

Minnesota Public Schools Changes Rules To Lay Off White Teachers Before Minorities. Yes, you read the headline right and the article confirms its accuracy. Imagine belonging to that union!

Seriously? Simply mindboggling that this article  — The Atlantic Contributor Espousing Anti-Catholic Hatred Is an ‘Anti-Hate Expert’—made it past the editors, then again, nothing should shock us when we have celebrities preaching about climate change while jetting across America, crime soaring while prosecutors look the other way and when once respected government agencies revert to political acrimony to destroy their perceived enemies all the while the main stream media praise their activities.

Gatestone Institute writes about The Fall of Faucism and the Return of Common Sense.

Christopher F. Rufo writes in City-Journal about Putting Parents Back in Charge/An interview with Arizona governor Doug Ducey on the state’s first-of-its-kind universal school-choice legislation. This is the second state that has taken back their education system; New York can begin the retaking of our education system if we elect Lee Zeldin, Governor on November 8, 2022

‘Advocate Rather Than a Scientist’: The Compromised Research of Child Gender-Transition Doctor Jack Turban.

The Woke Disney Company is turning its back on family values.

Jonathan Barnes writes about Standing on Principles, Protecting Our Children.

FYI: From The Kiplinger Washington Editors: New York State Tax Guide / State tax rates and rules for income, sales, property, fuel, cigarette, and other taxes that impact New York residents.