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Only 60%…I think that number is off, probably closer to 85% if responders were not afraid to be honest.

Please pray for him and his family, and Officer Wilbert Mora who is still fighting for his life,  and please pray that this insanity ends!  Slain NYPD rookie wanted to improve relations between cops and communities.  If you would like to help these families, or any family member of a fallen officer killed on duty, click here for directions on how to donate to the Widows and Children’s Fund.  Thank you for your consideration.

Bob McManus writes in the NY Post: Time’s up for NYPD bashers.

Albany needs to fix NY’s broken bail laws as part of this year’s ‘Big Ugly’ budget deal.

Mandatory Minimums Won’t Curtail Alvin Bragg.

Andrew C. McCarthy writes in National Review:  How ‘Progressive’ Prosecutors Are Betraying the Constitution

Every single legislator that voted for this bill deliberately and unquestionably defied the will of the people when they voted for this bill!  NY eyes voting reforms following defeat of ballot referendum.  Remember this on November 8, 2022.  NY expands absentee voting after defeat of ballot measure.

Fact-Checkers Are Used to Confuse the Public: Sharyl Attkisson.

From National Review:  The (federal) Democrats’ Election-Law Circus.

Only 60%?  Poll finds 60 percent would vote against Biden if election was held now.

Biden’s Year of Failure.

Regulatory costs soar as Biden adds rules faster than predecessors.

Sen. Cotton On Ukraine: ‘Biden Bears A Lot Of The Blame’.

‘A Staggering Act of Appeasement’.

Where Will Putin Stop?/Only where he is stopped, as Russian history reminds us.

The Russia-China Axis of Authoritarianism: Part I/Testing Western Resolve in Ukraine and Taiwan.

China’s Cooperation With Russia Puts Future Nuclear Arms Control in Doubt.

China’s Huawei Pays Tony Podesta $1 Million for White House Lobbying.

Thanks to Biden Administration’s Weak Leadership, Iran-China Threat Growing.

Inflation only goes up and will bankrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Supreme Court to Hear Cases Challenging Affirmative-Action Policies at Harvard, UNC

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question: Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse?

The Pandemic Job Shuffle/Nearly two years of data reveal the downside of lockdowns.

From City Journal:  A Covid Origin Conspiracy?/Newly released emails make more plausible the contention that Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins presided over the suppression of the lab-leak theory for political reasons.

This article deals with a bill currently being deliberated in the lower house of the Irish Parliament, the Dáil Éireann is currently considering the “Dying with Dignity Bill 2020”, so none of the sections are analogous to the bill in our legislature.  However, the exact same opposition to the bill is analogous.  We are strongly opposed to the New York State version known as Medical Aid in Dying Act.

This article is quite disturbing, but one that, I believe should be made available to those who do not know what their children/grandchildren are exposed to on popular social network sites like TikTok.  (I happen to be one of those grandparents and I’m sure I am not the only one.) Beware, it is graphic and deals with transgenderism.

What Is a Woman?

Turning the Tide on Addiction.

Unfortunately for all of US, the Biden Administration is still not ready for prime time.

Schumer’s daughters work for Amazon, Facebook as he holds power over antitrust bill.

Poor Chuck, does he realize he is making his dream die?  Senate Dems Fail to Pass ‘Voting Rights’ Legislation, Filibuster Change.  Perhaps he doesn’t really realize that is what he is doing…if he does why would he Schumer Misleads and Mischaracterizes About ‘Voter Suppression’ and ‘Voting Rights’…or is it that he actually thinks we are to uneducated to take notice of all his “misleads and mischaracterization” he is trying to sell in the quest to become a progressive hero (I  will do everything I can to avoid a challenge from AOC.)

This is how the Left reacts to inclusion:  Leftists Lose It After Sinema Shakes Hands With GOP Senators and Berkeley Professor Advocates for Violence Against Kyrsten Sinema.  The Left’s idea of  inclusion is only agreeing with what they say.

Democrats Are the Anti-Democracy Party.

The Quest to Destroy Work.

Biden’s press conference was an utter disaster.

Cleaning up for Grandpa Again: Psaki Does Damage Control Over Biden’s Election Legitimacy Remarks.

Biden Gets a Lesson From the Ukrainian President About ‘Minor Incursions’.

10 reasons why President Biden is a fool who’s fooling himself..

8 Takeaways From Biden’s First Press Conference of 2022.

VP Harris is not faring any better than Biden:  Kamala Harris grilled in contentious ‘Today’ interview addressing Russia, legitimacy of midterm elections.

And Hunter isn’t having a good week either:  Hunter Biden, former Biden aide invested in Chinese company tied to Communist Party, NBA China

Jordan Peterson Calls Out Justin Trudeau as Canada Considers Mandatory Vaccination.

Public Health’s Truth Problem/Throughout the pandemic, medical and scientific institutions have disseminated dubious advice, flawed studies, and even outright falsehoods.

False Positives for Genetic Disorders in Prenatal Testing Unacceptably High.

The Ghost of Jim Crow/Progressives are re-segregating American institutions under the guise of “racial equity.”

It is almost unimaginable that this bill had to be introduced in 2022:  GOP bill would ban race-based preferences in distributing scarce COVID-19 treatment.

Jim DeMint writes:  How the left uses strings-attached federal-funding rules to impose its ideology everywhere.

Hochul must get NYC’s charter cap lifted — fast.

China Wins the Gold for Tyranny.

NCAA Board of Governors accused of passing the buck with new transgender-athlete policy.

Student Debt Forgiveness Would Benefit ‘High-Wealth Households’ the Most, New Study Says.

Want to get away?  David Keene writes about Traveling in the time of COVID-19.

Does the White House Press Secretary read the newspapers or does Ms. Psaki rely on hearsay from staff who only report good coverage?

NY Democrats defy voters, pave way for fraud.

The Left is trying to erase the meaning of citizenship.

New York state editorial roundup: NY’s tax climate, waiting for details from Hochul, one-party rule on the way.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg likening farebeating to toll evasion is ludicrous — and sends a dangerous message.

New York District Attorney Calls for End to Prosecuting Serious Crimes. It’s Every Criminal’s Lucky Day in Gotham.  If you haven’t signed our petition, please consider doing so now. Thank you.

From National Review:  New York Democrats Poised to Control Redistricting, Add Several Seats in Their Favor.

USA: Reliving the Nightmare of a Shocking Christmas Carnage Every Day.

The Dumbest Voting-Rights Canard

Joe Biden’s voting rights speech backfired more than he ever could have imagined.

‘Fact-Checkers’ Fall Silent on Biden’s ‘Voting Rights’ Speech Smears

Do you believe how out of touch the whole Biden Administration is? Psaki Says Biden Stands By ‘Powerful Speech’ Comparing Republicans to Segregationists: ‘Not a Partisan Speech’

Rep. Burgess Owens: Biden agenda doesn’t represent MLK’s hopes, ‘dreams’

Civil rights leader rips Biden-Harris: ‘Progressives hijacked the rich legacy’ of our movement.

Biden keeps twisting facts about American history to serve his agenda.

Why was the Dallas synagogue terrorist allowed into the US?

To Avoid More Attacks Like at Texas Synagogue, Biden Administration Must Know, Name Our Enemies.

Ivy League trans athletes are unfairly gaming the system.

Stephen Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline is always an educational read; this issue has photos of the “rail trash” published in the LA Times that really puts it into perspective.  Inflation is already out of control, just think of the additional costs involved that will be incurred with this out of control looting.

Chamath Palihapitiya, the Warriors owner and CEO of Social Capital, will never be able to “clarify” his repulsive remarks the Uyghur Muslims living in China.

Larry Elder writes about Big Tech Thugs and Their Allies.

Responding to Chinese Diplomatic and Economic Aggression: Why on Earth Is the U.S. Attacking Its Best Allies?

The Biden Administration’s ‘Diplomacy’ with the Iranian Regime.

Predicting 2022 – The Year of the Tiger – Part II.

Gordon G. Chang writes about Destroying Taiwan.

Washington Examiner’s Restoring America Counters the Left’s Assault, Offers Hope for Future

How the Roman Empire Provided the Founding Fathers a Blueprint for America’s Economy.

$800 Billion Stimulus Program Failed Terribly and Mostly Benefited the Wealthy, MIT Economist Finds.

Fox Nation is running a 5 part series hosted by Pete Hegsted on the MisEducation of America.  Fox Nation is a subscriber only…however you can 90 days free with the promo code “classroom” and I sincerely hope that every parent and grandparent watch it, if possible.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Does the White House Press Secretary read the newspapers or does Ms. Psaki rely on hearsay from staff who only report good coverage?


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“If Governor Hochul allows Mr. Bragg to remain district attorney, she’ll be signing the death warrant of an untold number of New Yorkers. Firing him could be the most important act she makes as governor of this state.”

Brooklyn, NY – Jan. 14, 2022 The New York State Conservative Party today released an online petition calling on Governor Kathy Hochul to remove newly elected New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg from office, which she has the power to do. D.A. Bragg recently announced that he would not seek prison sentences for dozens of serious crimes, sparking immediate public outrage.

Governor Hochul has failed to take any action thus far about Mr. Bragg’s refusal to properly enforce the law.

“The Conservative Party is the party of common sense in New York, and common sense is needed more than ever in this case,” said Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “We have a renegade district attorney on our hands, and he must be removed from office. We urge New Yorkers to sign our petition to Governor Hochul, because — guaranteed — people are going to die because of Mr. Bragg’s wild ideological policy decision.”

In his first memo to staff on Monday, January 3rd, Mr. Bragg said his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” except with homicides and a handful of other cases, including domestic violence felonies, some sex crimes, and public corruption.

Bragg’s memo detailed the following instructions for prosecutors to reduce charges filed by cops in various cases:

  • Armed robbers who use guns or other deadly weapons to stick up stores and other businesses will be prosecuted only for petty larceny, a misdemeanor, provided no victims were seriously injured and there’s no “genuine risk of physical harm” to anyone. Armed robbery, a class B felony, would typically be punishable by a maximum of 25 years in prison, while petty larceny subjects offenders to up to 364 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.
  • Convicted criminals caught with weapons other than guns will have those felony charges downgraded to misdemeanors unless they’re also charged with more serious offenses. Criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a class D felony, is punishable by up to 7 years behind bars.
  • Burglars who steal from residential storage areas, parts of homes that aren’t “accessible to a living area” and businesses located in mixed-use buildings will be prosecuted for a low-level class D felony that only covers break-ins instead of for more serious crimes. Those more serious crimes, class B and class C felonies would be punishable by up to 25 and up to 15 years in prison respectively.
  • Drug dealers believed to be “acting as a low-level agent of a seller” will be prosecuted only for misdemeanor possession. Also, suspected dealers will only be prosecuted on felony charges if they’re also accused of more serious crimes or are actually caught in the act of selling drugs. That felony would mean facing up to seven years behind bars.

Mr. Bragg continued: “ADAs should use their judgment and experience to evaluate the person arrested, and identify people: who suffer from mental illness; who are unhoused; who commit crimes of poverty; or who suffer from substance use disorders. Charges should be brought consistent with the goal of providing services to such individuals, and leverage during plea negotiations should not be a factor in this decision,” he wrote.

“If Governor Hochul allows Mr. Bragg to remain district attorney, she’ll be signing the death warrant of an untold number of New Yorkers. Firing him could be the most important act she makes as governor of this state,” Mr. Kassar said.



Will Biden retreat to the basement after this week’s numerous setbacks?

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules on Biden’s Vaccine Mandates.

From Fox News:  The Supreme Court on Thursday issued mixed rulings in a pair of cases challenging Biden administration COVID-19 vaccine mandates, allowing the requirement for certain health care workers to go into effect while blocking enforcement of a mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees.

NY Democrats are defying voters and paving the way for fraud to lock in one-party rule.

Michael Goodwin writes: Anyone-can-vote madness hits NYC, serving up yet another far-left victory: Goodwin.

Roger Kimball writes in the Epoch Times about The Way We Live Now.

‘Profoundly Unpresidential’: McConnell’s Fiery Floor Speech About Biden Has Everyone’s Attention.  NY Post:  McConnell rips Biden’s voting rights speech as ‘profoundly unpresidential’McConnell Tears into Biden’s Atlanta Speech: ‘Incoherent, Incorrect, and Beneath His Office’.  You know when Dick Durbin publicly states “Perhaps the President went a little too far in his rhetoric…” you have a real problem on your hands.

Joe Manchin Was Right.

Ex-con would have faced ‘long time in jail’ if not for new Manhattan DA: judge.

NY Senate, Assembly Republicans, law enforcement: ‘Restore public safety now’.

Politico points out some of the differences in the elected officials regarding bail reform:  Bail reform battle lines.  As noted, this is an election year, what happens is in your hands.  Should the democrats continue “There is no desire at this point to make any changes,” It is up to every one of us to replace them in November.  Are you safe in New York?  Just pick up the papers and see how out-of-control crime is:  Scroll down today’s (January 13, 2022) NY Post’s Metro Page.

From Empire Center:  The State of the State Spending Spree.

Climate Act Accounting Overstates Benefit to New Yorkers.

Trump says Rep. Elise Stefanik could be president in 2028 at Palm Beach fundraiser.

How high did Team Biden’s conspiracy against parental protests go?

Biden administration reportedly more involved in ‘parent-terrorists’ letter than previously suspected.

Regarding inflation:  Producer prices soared by 9.7% in December, biggest gain on record.   Now Biden’s given America the worst inflation in 40 yearsInflation is eating away at the heart of America’s small businesses.

One federal judge in Northern California on senior status,  Phyllis Hamilton (appointed by Bill Clinton) ruled in a class action on behalf of prisoners  that the federal government could not deny stimulus funds to citizens just because they were incarcerated.  The result: (They) Made out like bandits: NY prisoners got $34M in federal COVID stimulus funds.  Government just continues to take our money with absolutely no concern for the law abiding citizens who are forced to give more and more of their hard-earned money to government as dictated by the heavy-hand of the IRS.

In Our Opinion: Dem pandering on immigration is out of control.

Biden’s Budget Priorities and the China Threat.

Censorship From Left on the Rise.

File this in Understatement of the decade: Biden acknowledges election overhaul bills may fail in the Senate.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona did what??

Throughout our history, there have been people in appointed (not elected) government policy positions, that never should have been given that position; Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is one of those people.  Education Secretary Requested Letter from School Board Association Comparing Parents to Terrorists.

What happened to the man who promised to unite Americans?   The longer he is in office, the wedge widens due to his adoption of the progressive agenda!  Hey Biden, STOP DIVIDING US.  Biden to push Senate rule change in bid to pass voting-rights law.   From National Review:  Biden to Advocate Altering the Filibuster to Pass Voting Bill during Georgia Speech.

The Biden/Harris Administration in concurrence with Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have done more to undermine what made America, the one nation that has made the world a better place, in one short year than any other Administration has done throughout our history.  Americans’ personal goals have always been to leave the nation we love in the best position to be able carry on the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  This experiment in self-governance needs to remember that it is still We The People who run this great country, not the oligarchs we lend it to every few years.

John Fund writes in National Review about The Left’s Latest Political Scheme: Let Noncitizens Vote.

GianCarlo Canaparo writes in the Daily Signal (Heritage Foundation) It’s Illegal, Immoral, and Unconstitutional to Ration COVID-19 Treatments Based on Race.

Joe Mahoney (one of our CPPAC speakers) writes how Fraud prompts change to Excluded Worker benefits.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) editorial board’s headline states: No Climate Warriors in Frozen Foxholes/Forty-one Democrats urge federal regulators to lower heating prices. It begins with “The climate warriors of the Democratic Party aren’t lacking for chutzpah, give them that. The latest example is a letter from 41 Members of Congress to federal regulators, fretting about “the effect that anticipated increases in heating and energy costs will have on our constituents this winter.” You don’t say?”

Republicans plot filibuster revenge strategy against Senate Democrats.

Can Congress Overturn Electoral College Results? 4 Things to Know About 1887 Law.

Open Letter to President Biden: Nuclear Deal with Iran Will Be a Disaster.

World Order: Back to the Future.

Newsom Includes Health Coverage for All Illegal Immigrants in New Budget Proposal.

The Progressive Logic of Build Back Better — and Its Dangers.

Sen. Joe Manchin says scrapping filibuster won’t make Senate ‘better’ in new Biden blow

It is good to see the push back regarding the new ultra-progressive new DA in Manhattan.  Angry biz leaders to meet with new DA Alvin Bragg, discuss recall efforts over soft-on-crime agenda.

Rand Paul Corners Fauci in Heated Senate Hearing.

Biden, Adams and Bragg are choosing to make America paltry with their progressive plans.

We are blessed by having heroes working in the New York Fire Department.  Thank you for your heroic efforts every day, especially this past Sunday.

Most voters believe American society and culture declining, poll says.

This is one of the reasons why people believe society is declining:  DA Alvin Bragg is inviting a criminal free-for-all to Manhattan.

The NY Post editorial writes:  Alvin Bragg shouldn’t be shocked over anger on his let-’em-loose approach to crime.

From the City-Journal:  Nothing to Bragg About.

This the first major disappoint Mayor Eric Adams delivered to the people of New York City Mayor Adams ran on cleaning up NYC, yet he just caved to the progressive movement that has caused many problems in the city.  While he didn’t actually sign the bill allowing non-citizens the right to vote, he did allow it to become law after he voiced concerns about the bill just 5 days prior: “But for a person that’s here for only 30 days to have the substantial determination on who’s going to be your mayor, your comptroller, your public advocate — that’s concerning to me.”  The Bill obliterates the privilege of citizenship.   Mayor Adams, despite the fact that he fundamentally supports non-citizen voting,  should have vetoed the Bill and encouraged each borough to have a public hearing (the one public hearing was not enough for such a monumental change in voting rights.)  We do believe however that it is an unconstitutional law and hope that a Court will put a stay on it as it works its way through the Court system. BREAKING: RNC sues NYC Mayor Adams over law allowing noncitizens to vote.

Heather Mac Donald writes about Insurrections and Double Standards.

Nancy Pelosi makes millions off tech stocks – and scoffs at push to ban congressional trades. Then there is this:  Pelosi tenant spared by San Francisco smash-and-grab epidemic.  Ah, the perks of being an oligarch…while we peons struggle to make ends.

Time to call Schumer’s filibuster bluff.  Senator, do you remember this:  What Chuck Schumer said about the filibuster when the shoe was on the other footSchumer’s Ugly ‘Voting Rights’ Gamble.

Store Shelves Are Empty Again.

Scalise, Comer call for hearing on Biden’s ‘failed’ COVID-19 response: ‘Dereliction of duty’.

Conservative TV host Joe Pinion takes aim at Schumer’s Senate seat.

Predicting 2022 – China’s Year of the Tiger.

Fact Check: Fact-Checkers Falsely Claim They Are Fact-Checkers.

Legislative Memo Opposed to Absentee Ballots

486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 921-2158 Voice  * (718) 921-5268 Fax
 2022 Legislative Memo…
 In Opposition to
S7565-B Biaggi (on Election Committee Agenda 1-10-2022)

 Purpose of Bill:  To allow voters who are concerned about voting in-person due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to request an absentee ballot through December 31, 2022.

Party Position:  On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, the voters of New York State soundly defeated the statewide ballot Proposition 4 “No Excuse Absentee Voting.”  This bill seeks to override the will of New York State Voters.

Voters are currently allowed to request an absentee ballot, for a variety of reasons.  Illness, physical disability, care-taking responsibilities, are a resident at a veteran health administration hospital, which are legitimate reasons to request an absentee ballot.

This bill seeks to allow until December 31, 2022 a person to request an absentee ballot to those who are concerned about the risk of voting in person.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic almost 2 years ago, prevention and treatment have advanced to a point that people have the means to protect themselves in their everyday lives.

When voters could only vote on election day, the voting polls were crowded at times and people would have to stand on long lines in order to exercise their civic duty. However, New York State has early voting that people can take advantage of; gone are the days that only one day is possible to vote.

The Conservative Party of New York State strongly opposes A 7565-B as it willfully seeks to override the fact that New York voters rejected this statewide ballot proposal just last November.

LM 001-2022

Why is it that most prominent democrats are preoccupied with holding on to power by making unrealistic promises to people who expect government to provide the ideal utopia to live in?

Heed the Advice of Edmund Burke/New Year’s Resolution: Do Not Allow Evil to Prosper!

A message to state legislators in New York:  Pass an act to RECALL elected officials who 1) who fail to uphold the Constitution they have taken an oath to uphold, and 2) those who that do not put the safety on our citizens before the criminal’s perceived rights.

Betsy McCaughey writes in the NY Post:  If you’re the wrong race, the push for health-care ‘equity’ could kill you.

Transgender Activists Strategize to Overcome GOP Wins With ‘Race Class Gender Narrative’.

Interesting:  SHOTS FIRED: ‘1619 Project’ Author Slams Teachers’ Unions for Harming Kids.  Question for Nikole Hannah-Jones:  isn’t it also harmful to teach your “1619” theory, that has been debunked by experts, to children?

Teachers’ union factions ramp up pressure on NYC to go remote over COVID surge.  It is long past time for teachers to take back their union!  Far too many teachers are not standing up for the children who are being shortchanged by the radicals running the union.  Teachers unions are harming our children.

From the Post Journal editorial page:  State Policies Mean Repeat Of High-Tax, Slow-Growth History.

The Albany Times Union newspaper headlines Gov. Hochul’ State of the State:  Hochul pledges to build a ‘brighter future’ for New York.  The glowing review of the SOS is typical of most of the coverage the speech received across the state.  However, no matter how many news organizations paint a positive assessment of the speech, almost every proposal has been put forward in the past, and nothing that Governor Hochul focused on would help overly taxed New Yorkers who work hard and do not commit misdemeanors or felonies.  Of course, the progressives that control the democratic party see it as a “brighter future” for New York.  Sadly, most New Yorkers will not see the “brighter future” and if they can move out of New York State, they will.

NY Post editorial board writes:  Hochul’s State of the State shows she has a ways to go to prove she’s right for New York.

What Jan. 6 Focus Is Really About.

Dems and media who portray Jan. 6 as a near-fatal attack on democracy are absurd.

9/11 First Responders and Families Have Something to Say About Dems Claiming 1/6 Was Just as Bad.

Biden Rips Trump for Inciting Capitol Riot in Anniversary Speech: ‘Power over Principle’.  Wow.  Power over principle…Joe Biden is one to talk about power over principle…just examine how the USA withdrew from Afghanistan, how he has caved to the “climate changers” by closing the Keystone Pipeline on the very first day in office and don’t forget his boasting the he will this (virus) then never anticipated the variants once elected…this much is certain, Biden is wedded to power over principle.

McConnell slams Senate Democrats for invoking Jan 6 to push filibuster changes: ‘Surreal’.

What could possibly be in the report that Biden Administration does not want you to know (of course, if you watch any media other than CNN, MSNBC and the like, you already know)?  Biden Withholds Annual Report on Deportations/ICE fails to produce annual report for first time in more than a decade.

Biden Administration Blocks Natural Gas Project In New England.

Watchdog Flags Ethics Landmine for Biden Admin in Landmark Affirmative Action Case.

It’s Official: More Americans Dead From COVID Under Biden Than Trump/Mainstream media outlets failed to report the milestone, for some reason.

USPS requests temporary waiver from Biden vaccine mandate, warns of supply chain disruption.

Chinese Communist Researcher Stole U.S. Monoclonal Antibody ‘Secrets’… In 2015.

Controversial Chinese Tech Billionaire Gives Millions to Elite American Universities.

Iran’s “Nuclear Blackmail”: Iran Has No Interest in Negotiating a New Nuclear Deal.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Why is it that most prominent democrats are preoccupied with holding on to power by making unrealistic promises to people who expect government to provide the ideal utopia to live in?

Is Senator Schumer a G.O.A.T. or a goat?

Schumer vows Senate rules change vote by Jan. 17 if GOP blocks voting rights.  Schumer is drumming up support by telling left-wing media: ‘New’ Republican Party Under Trump ‘Viciously Against Voting Rights’.  This is from The Hill:  Schumer ramps up filibuster fight ahead of Jan. 6 anniversary.

And Senator Schumer isn’t the only one:  Biden Wants to, in His Words, ‘Eviscerate the Senate’

However, there is a glimmer of hope:  Chuck Schumer Plan to Obliterate the Filibuster Faces Two Big Obstacles.

Rich Lowry writes in the NY Post: “The latest pitch for the Democratic voting agenda is more cynical and detached from reality than ever. We are to believe that the only way to counteract the furies unleashed on Jan. 6 is by imposing same-day voter registration and no-excuse mail voting on the states, ending partisan gerrymandering and requiring the counting of ballots that arrive up to seven days after Election Day, among other provisions completely irrelevant to events that day or afterward.”   Read the rest of the article here:  Dems would discredit democracy by using Capitol riot to nationalize elections.

Tyranny of the mainstream media thought police.

China’s Hostile South Pacific Takeover.

For China, Amazon Supports Democracy Dying in Darkness.

Left Doesn’t Just Want to Censor You on Social Media. It Also Wants to Close Your Bank Accounts.

Catholic University Celebrates Painting of George Floyd as Jesus Christ, Releases Report on Racism.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about The Ungracious Generation and Its Demonization of the Past.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  The Warren-Biden Bank Heist/A coup at the FDIC breaks norms and signals more political control of finance.

Rep. Jason Smith writes in the Washington Times: Congress should not let the IRS play both tax collector and preparer.

Jeff Minick: Sickening Truths and Consequences of Government COVID Policies.

SCOTUS Should Nix Biden’s Vaccine Mandates.

Omicron’s Silver Lining.

Do you wonder why Gov. Hochul supports prioritizing non-White people in the distribution of COVID-19 treatments in short supply?  You answer may be in the following article:  White Coats for Black Queer Abolitionist Socialism/A national organization of medical students successfully pressures their schools to embrace radical identity politics.

Terris Todd writes:  Black American Triumphs Outweigh Our Tragedies.

In a surprise proposal by Governor Hochul Proposes Term Limits, Outside Income Ban for Statewide Elected Officials.  It is a good first step, providing it is passed by the Members.  However, if, she being serious about having people “believe in their government again.” the request should also include the members of the State Legislature.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last, person who is not prosecuted due to a technicality.  District attorney expected to drop groping case against Cuomo.  Remember this:  a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Even the media acknowledges Americans are beginning 2022 with some Biden buyer’s remorse…

Billionaire Ronald Lauder blasts Hochul over universal mail-in voting. “A year later, a referendum calling to make the option permanent for all registered voters — not just those who are ill or immobile (emphasis added) — was defeated at the polls.  But Hochul won’t let it die, vowing last month to make the controversial ballot proposal a top priority in the 2022 legislative session.”

The Post says: Racial medical care is careless and racist.

New York’s racial ‘risk factor’ for COVID treatment is illegal and immoral.  

Operator slams NY officials for focusing on marijuana sales, not drug treatment. 

End the Covid-Zero Mentality.

The Covid Insanity Has to End.

Vaccine Mandates Caused a Healthcare Worker Shortage and Now the CDC is Panicking.

We’ll never end the COVID pandemic if politicians keep making same mistakes.

Omicron Is Turning Into Om-i-con.

CBS Reporter Hit a Homerun on This Year’s Underreported Story…And the Network Censored Her.

Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Reviewed, By Joseph Mercola.

Fresh evidence the White House put teachers unions ahead of science on school COVID safety.

Randi Weingarten’s attempts to rewrite school-closings history won’t fly.

GOP states restrict telehealth abortion pill distribution OK’d by FDA.

70% of voters in poll say it’s been a ‘bad year’.

Rising gas price projections complicate Biden’s horizons.

Killing Keystone XL: How Biden Destroyed American Energy Independence.

Biden’s first year the worst since Jimmy Carter – midterms will be the cure for buyer’s remorse.

Biden’s terrible first year.

Biden’s year of broken promises.

A year of Biden’s foreign policy failures.

Voters need to start turning the page on Biden’s disastrous presidency.  “In these areas and more, the Biden Administration has placed politics and ideology above the interests and lives of American citizens, not to mention Afghans and migrants. Of course, the mainstream media and congressional Democrats will never truly hold this White House responsible for its actions. In this midterm election year, it falls to the American people to do so. By ousting Biden’s elected supporters, voters can begin to turn the page on his disastrous presidency. (emphasis added)”

American Traitors: Academics Working for China.

Our elites now operate hand-in-glove with the CCP: Domenech.

Beijing Paid Millions to DC Radio Station to Broadcast Propaganda.

From National Review: A Conservative Alternative to Biden’s National-Security Agenda.

Nefarious border goal: Motive behind ‘whip hoax’ suit.

Migrants surge as confusion spreads on southern border.

The ghost of Build Back Better.

Scrap the Methane Fee.

Is Biden’s Legacy Really Going to Be the Dismantling of Democracies and the Free World?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the civic illiteracy of the illiberal Left.

I wonder what AOC would say about this article in Epoch News:  ‘BLM and CRT Movements Comprise a Gigantic Step Backward’: Leftist Professor of Media Studies.

Dumbing Down Education Key to Dismantling America: Alex Newman.

Will Biden and Harris lead Democrats to torch the filibuster?

Democrats Face a Brutal Reckoning With Hispanic Voters.

The Atlantic Claims ‘More People Carrying Guns Tends to Result in More Shootings.’ Decades of Data Show They’re Wrong.

Fake Students, Vacations for Random Koreans, and Fattening Up Eels: Rand Paul Exposes 8 Insane Ways the Feds Wasted Our Money in 2021.

The Worst Media Misses of 2021.

NEW YORK STATE When will leaders go by the book?

I wonder if Speaker Pelosi shares her investment knowledge with AOC and the other Squad members?  Nancy Pelosi scoops up call options for Google, Disney, Roblox stocks

1619 Project author says she doesn’t understand why parents should have a say in school curriculum.  More on Nikole Hannah-Jones thinking she knows better than parents what children should be taught.  The NY Post editorial board responded:  Sorry, Hannah-Jones: Parents DO deserve a say in what their kids are taught.

Sweden, Gang Violence and a New Prime Minister.  (Sounds all to familiar to the United States current situation.)

Just a fun piece of knowledge:  Each state’s population center, visualized.

The Biden Administration’s eagerness for eradication of extremism in the military is exceedingly excessive.

Good advice from the NY Post editorial board for President Biden…but does he take advice from anyone besides himself?  Biden needs to face the new reality of COVID-19

From the City Journal:  Florida v. Critical Race Theory.

Sen. Tom Cotton has a great idea:  Recall, Remove & Replace Every Last Soros Prosecutor.  Unfortunately, that is not possible in NYS as the Members of the Legislature refuse to consider the options of Recall, Remove and Replace.  It is long past time to Save Our State with new energy, ideas that protect its citizens, and an economy to produce jobs for them.   If you have never been involved in helping a person, get elected, now is the time to become involved and take part in Lee Zeldin’s bid to Save Our State.  Click here for more information.

Lights Out for New York?

China Planning the Ultimate Genocide; Biden Responding with Empty Words.

Liberals and the media couldn’t care less about the true will of the American people; We the People must keep making our voices heard.

This is so unbelievable and disturbing. Liberals are the least tolerant lemmings on the planet.  Do they not understand the US Constitution?  The reasons why the US Senate is NOT apportioned by population.  Liberals irked by Manchin call for new Senate apportioned by population.

John Podhoretz, aptly notes. in the NY Post that Biden vowed a return to normalcy — instead, we got a year of chaos.

The Biden Administration is completely out of control.  Have they forgotten this is AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!  Enough of this:  Liking a Facebook Post Could Get Service Members Punished Under Pentagon ‘Extremism’ Policy.  Who is going to define ”Extremism?”

How Omicron is changing the COVID-19 rules: Here’s what you need to know.

Words of advice to ACO et al.:  The only ‘undemocratic’ thing about Manchin killing BBB is the Squad’s crying.

Manchin and Breed show Biden-era progressivism the door.

It is about time:  Pelosi faces pushback over stock trade defense.

Republicans Don’t Need to Abandon Immigration Hawkishness to Win Hispanics.

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