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The Squad et al. needs lessons in understanding the US Constitution and needs them immediately…

This is outrageous:  Shooter who killed first female NYPD officer in 1980s is paroled.  The NYPD lets us know that “Jeter is at least the 23rd cop-killer released by the Parole Board in under two years,” the union wrote in a statement Sunday morning.  New members are needed on the Parole Board and the way to accomplish that is to elect a new Governor in 2022.  Get involved in helping elect Lee Zeldin Save our State.  Click here for more information as to how you can help; if not you, than who?

China and a Failed WTO Accession.

China’s US Enablers.

Biden’s Appeasement of Moscow Threatens NATO.

Biden Administration Sanctions Mail-Order Abortion. Here’s How the Move Endangers Women.

The Latest White House Statement About the ‘Unvaccinated’ Is Making People’s Skin Crawl

Liberals disappointed after Biden’s first year.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is so out of touch with reality.  Sanders: Let Manchin vote no on Build Back Better ‘in front of the whole world’.

Another elected official who lives in her own world and doesn’t understand that CRT does the exact opposite as what she (and many others) thinks.  AOC Suggests CRT Opponents ‘Accepting of Racism’ as GOP Bills Against It Pile Up.

Unfortunately, this headline seems to be written based on the Biden Administration’s talking points:  Manchin undercuts Biden, leaving his agenda in limbo _ TheHill.   Question for The Hill: When did Sen. Manchin (and others) become responsible to the President (and The Squad, left wing editorial boards etc.)?  Have they all forgotten that every elected official is responsible to the people who elected him!  Do they not remember, We the People in order to form a more perfect Unionwhere does it say We the elected officials?

Shocking news from the White House, not!  White House says Manchin went back on his word .  Since their first day as the Biden Administration, they have never acknowledged their complicity in an obvious error in judgement.  Neither do any of the far-left democrats in Congress:  Democrats outraged after Manchin opposes Biden spending bill.

AOC Once Again Proves She Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About.

Manchin Dares Democrats to Push Him Out of Party.

Dems pivot from Build Back Better to illiberal voting ‘rights’ bill.  Naturally, after lamenting the end of BBB, Sen. Sanders quickly pivoted to telling reporters that it was more important to get a “voting rights” bill through the Senate.  Senator, please either retire or get real, you are not in tune with most Americans.

Inflation Will Cost the Average Household an Astounding Amount in 2021, Ivy League Analysis Finds

Note to news organizations:  Fauci is so 2020, time to remove him from the spotlight.  Fauci Says Masking on Airplanes Will Never Go Away.

This could be great news:  Supreme Court arguments suggest bright future for parental school choice.

Food for thought for all high school seniors and their parents:  Why College Degrees Are Losing Their Value.  Obviously, a college degree is right for many, just be sure it is in an area that will put their degree to good use, for example “in 2013; only 27 percent of graduates had a job related to their major.”

From the Washington Free Beacon, a review of the ‘Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.’

Thankfully, this is not an example of how the great majority of Americans react to disasters: Looters caught stealing from ravaged homes of tornado victims in Kentucky.  I know it happens often, but this time it really disturbed me, perhaps due to the looting of major stores without consequences, whatever the reason, some people really need to learn the Golden Rule.

Mr. President, did you have another parapraxis yesterday?

Sen. Schumer isn’t having a very good year as Senate Majority Leader:  Dems Hint at Delaying Build Back Better Until Next Year, Pivot to Voting Bill. Then there is this:  Democrats make frantic last-ditch effort to change Senate rulesDemocrats weigh pivot to voting rights as Biden’s $1.75 trillion social welfare bill stalls.  The time has come for a new Senate Majority Leader with an agenda that will help America.

About that Voting Bill:  Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Voting Rights Legislation. “The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote or make it easy for eligible people to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote – whether your vote counts at all,” (emphasis added) he continued.  That is correct, Mr. President, it is whether your vote counts at all.  Perhaps it was just a Freudian Slip (aka parapraxis), but it certainly does matter if your vote counts.  Certain requirements must be adopted to know that elections are honest and forthright.  Strongly suggest every voter produce a photo ID (good enough to enter federal buildings, travel on a plane, rent a car, cash a check, and so very many other every day things we do) so we know you are only voting once and establish one is a citizen of these great United States.

Fed to speed up taper, projects three rate hikes in 2022.  From the Buffalo News:  Interest rates are set to rise next year. Here’s what that means.

No surprise here.  Fox Business Poll: Voters think Biden is making inflation worse.

The NY Post editorial board writes:  Biden’s bull about GOP being ‘against everything’ explains why he’s such a failure.

GOP lawmakers seek to block Biden’s repayments for illegals.

CBP’s November Border Apprehension Numbers Increase 140 Percent from Last Year.

National Review advises Senator Manchin, Keep Holding Out on Build Back Better.

Time to retire him (He is running for reelection in 2022):  Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal gives Communism a boost.

Lithuania Stands Up to China.

Supply-Chain Crisis Isn’t Going Away.

I know the supply-chain crisis and many businesses will have to cut back or close (at the very least lay off staffers) so, I am not making light of this, but who ever thought Kraft would pay some people to NOT make cheesecake over the holidays?  Making cheesecake for Christmas? Kraft will pay you $20 not to.

Elites use COVID-19 to build wealth, flaunt virtue as middle America suffers.

Tax the Rich: When Envy Trumps Economics.

What ever happened to wanting to be rewarded for being the cream of the crop?  America’s standard has always been to be the best you can be; not to be arbitrarily placed where you think you want to be … if one really wants work someplace, earn it as so many have done before you.   Democrats Push ‘Racial Equity Audits’ To Cement Control of Tech Companies.

The Financial Illiteracy Cycle Is What’s Really Behind the Student Debt Crisis in America.

Iranian ‘Drone Armies’ Step Up Attacks on US as Nuclear Talks Languish, GOP Lawmakers Say.

How many students check Wikipedia for information?  NEVER rely on Wikipedia. Wikipedia Threatens to Purge ‘Communist Mass Killings’ Page, Cites Anti-Communist Bias.

Ask what your elementary school age child is reading! Elementary School Libraries Offer Gender Identity Book for Kids, Virginia School System Confirms.

Hochul faces a test on health insurance costs.

This is pessimistic news:  Number of US adults who identify as Christian drops 12% in 10 years.

The emperor with no clothes may end up with no money either. 

Read Chairman Kassar’s statement on JCOPE’s requiring Cuomo to return the money from his COVID-19 book deal here.

Andrew Cuomo ordered to return millions from pandemic book deal following ethics panel vote.

Par for the course, the former governor is in complete denial and believes this is driven by political interests rather than the facts and the law.

Seriously?  White House says there are a ‘range of reasons’ for increase in crime stemming from COVID pandemic.

To be honest, I do not like to let our enemies know that we are vulnerable.  However, since this in already public news, we would be remiss if we did not let our readers know.  Cyber experts express growing alarm over Apache vulnerability.

Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall when this took place?  Biden tries to budge Manchin.

Biden spending bill’s proposed cuts to hospital funding draws scrutiny.

Biden’s dangerous deportation drop.

How China uses the UN and WHO for its own nefarious ends.

Shouldn’t they be making it easier for all children to have a good education?  NY education brass move to block two charter schools in Long Island

Tish James Was Floundering as Ny Governor Candidate.

Hochul says mask mandate up to counties, businesses to enforce.  This is silly.  Customers shop in different places and different counties.  Confusing for all; and some people will be angry if people don’t have a mask on if the county ops out, they might be aware that the county opted out. Businesses don’t have enough problems, now the government expects owners/managers to become the “mask” police?  Hochul needs to quit COVID-19 overreach, take Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ cue.

Highly recommended reading for The Squad and their leader, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Why Democracy Needs the Rich.

As Homicide Rates Break Records, Black Lives Clearly Don’t Matter to BLM or to Soros-Backed Rogue Prosecutors.

We All Have Role in ‘Fight to Maintain This Great Nation,’ Heritage Foundation’s Former President Says.

From the Imaginative Conservative:  Stand, Men of the West!  Originally written in December 2013 it is even more relevant today in 2021.

The news shows the heart wrenching devastation of our heartland; if you can, click here: Tornado Relief: How You Can Help (Links to Fox and Friends) every donation helps, no matter how small.


It may be true that couples become more alike the longer they are married…Jill and Joe seem to be confused about the last 11 months.

Hunter Biden never fails to catch a break, from the White House or the elite media.

Congress must do more to stop China’s military-industrial spying on US campuses.

AOC Says Taxpayers Should Have to Pay Her $17K Student Loan—Even Though She Makes $174K a Year.

Stephen Moore writes in the NY Post:  Build Back beatdown for Biden: Fiscal double whammy for prez and his agenda.

Manchin raises inflation concerns ahead of pivotal Biden talk.

If you think Biden’s Build Back Better bill will help your child care expenses, this is a must read.  Here is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s take on Build Back Better.

Natural disasters, like the horrific damage, we are witnessing in America’s heartland are heart wrenching to those who see the videos and photos; what the people who have survived are living through is almost unbearable.  To make it a political statement is unforgivable.   Good advice:  Don’t buy the pseudo-scientific hype about tornadoes and climate change.  “Equally important, the standard anti-warming agenda would do far more damage to humanity than all natural disasters put together — by impoverishing us all. We simply don’t yet have practical, affordable alternatives to fossil fuels (which, by the way, are still what produce most of the electricity for your Tesla).”

Let’s pray he keeps his word on this:  Biden to tour Kentucky tornado damage: ‘We’re not leaving anybody still breathing under debris’

Oh my, the First Lady’s whoppers are becoming as big as the president’s:  Jill Biden Says President Biden Rescued America During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If inflation and mandates are considered rescuing America, Jill Biden is just as confused as her husband. Americans want their freedoms back, Mrs. Biden.

The Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Administration’s Fatal Mistakes.

Just in case you are wondering what the VP has been doing, Katie Pavlich gives us an update.

A new day in Albany, NOT;  Hochul retains ties to Cuomo advisor.  When your business is complicit in protecting your client and then scrubs that client from your website, the principles obviously realize the shameful mistake it made; so, the question becomes, why would someone remain a client, could that client anticipate needing that stalwart business?  Empty New York’s swamp!

Any surprise so many New Yorkers are moving to Florida:  Ron DeSantis fights back against Biden illegal immigrant flights: Devine.  To the New Yorkers who are still here, hang in there, help is on its way.

A string of murders shows we must give violent offenders harsher sentences.

Melting Down Art and History.

Finding Hope in a Dark Time.

An Appalling Attack on Adoption.

Kyle Smith is offering some sage advice for the unemployed Cuomo brothers (we all needed a smile, thanks Kyle.)

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on It may be true that couples become more alike the longer they are married…Jill and Joe seem to be confused about the last 11 months.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses AG James dropping out of governor’s race, NYC allowing non-citizens to vote and CPPAC is back in 2022!

James Leaves Race for Governor

After only a few short weeks Attorney General Leticia James has bowed out of the race for Governor and announced her intentions to run for re-election as Attorney General. A surprising move as James was once considered to be the front runner.

Some will say James’ exit benefits Governor Hochul, others say it will unify the growing progressive socialist wing within the Democratic Party.  The Working Family Party’s candidate, far left New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, is sure to benefit from James leaving the race. Though James has endorsed Governor Hochul, the Democratic primary is shaping up to be a battle between dangerous ideologies.

Regardless of who James’ departure benefits the most, it remains crystal clear New York needs a reset and common sense leadership. The Conservative Party continues to support the only candidate that can return sanity back to New York State and that is Lee Zeldin.

New York City Council Passes Non-Citizen Voting

The NYC Council has passed an amendment to the NYC Charter that will allow several hundred thousand green card holders and other legal non-citizens to vote in city municipal elections.

The Conservative Party continues to believe the move is unconstitutional and we will be joining in on a major lawsuit to overturn the city’s action.

Non-citizens voting should be a concern for New Yorker’s statewide and beyond. If non-citizen voting is allowed to stand it will be a precedent and empower other localities around the state to pass the same change.

It is unconscionable that the NYC Council would devalue the vote of American citizens, one of our most sacred rights as Americans. We will continue to update you as we proceed with our legal actions.

Conservative Political Action – CPPAC – Meeting

After being forced to skip our 2021 conference due to Covid restrictions, we will be holding our annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Albany on Sunday, January 30th and Monday, January 31st at the Holiday Inn in Latham (400 Old Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110).

We are in the process of formulating the agenda and strongly urge you to hold the date. There will be numerous panels that will include speakers from the media, state politics, government, and issue oriented organizations.

There will be a Monday lunch with a key note speaker and an evening awards reception with our State Legislators at which time we will release our legislative agenda.

Mark your calendars – January 30 and 31, 2022 – and join us for an exciting two days talking about our recent success and where we plan on going from there. More details to follow!

Jussie Smollett found guilty in hate crime hoax.

Donald Trump: ‘Laughable’ to Claim Media Tougher on Biden; ‘They Are Treating Him with Kid Gloves’

Biden Is Losing His Grip on the Democratic Party.

Bloodbath: GOP leads by 10 on generic ballot in new CNBC poll

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses AG James dropping out of governor’s race, NYC allowing non-citizens to vote and CPPAC is back in 2022!

President Joe Biden lacks the Midas Touch, in fact he has the exact opposite.

This will certainly be the talk of the “politicos” across the nation today:  Attorney General Letitia James drops out of New York governor race. Hmm, I wonder if Zephyr Teachout will withdraw from the AG race, or try to force a primary.

New Poll Reveals Best President In Recent History. This WSJ editorial may give you a hint:  Capitalism—the People’s Choice

Indicators Show Totalitarianism in America Is Just Around the Corner.

From National Review:  The Worst Spending Bill in Decades?

Hopefully he will hold strong:  Manchin warns about inflation as Democrats pursue Biden spending bill.

Betsy McCaughey writes in the NY Post: ‘My body, my choice’? Only for abortion as the left pushes’ vaccine mandates.

FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data. The question is WHY?

Pentagon warns China is preparing for military campaign to take over Taiwan

Wards of the State/The Build Back Better child-care plan would relegate religious providers to the margins

Poor President Biden, he can’t seem to get anything right, his polls are dropping even in his signature agenda – fighting Covid :  Most say Biden failing COVID fight, Trump better 49%-39%

Blood On Their Hands: Some Government Policies Are Killing Americans.

Another Biden priority that won’t be achieved:  Biden signs executive order to make U.S. government carbon neutral by 2050.

File this under “creating their own mess”  The Memo: Dour public mood spells trouble for Biden.

Biden cancels oil while Americans suffer and the world laughs.

Charles C. W. Cooke writes that No Sentient Human Thinks Biden’s Press Coverage Is Worse Than Trump’s.

White House officials push for favorable Biden coverage in secret meetings with news outlets. The fact that Newt Gingrich writes that Congress must investigate Hunter Biden – and those protecting him. Here’s why it is apparent to me that they are already bending over backwards in giving Biden favorable coverage.

NY was leaking income millionaires in pandemic run-up.

Innocent New Yorkers pay the price for state’s shoddy bail ‘reforms’.

Hochul Should Have Listened To Voters On Statewide Redistricting.

The hubris of this man is unbelievable – and he wants to be our governor; haven’t we endured enough arrogance under Andrew? De Blasio ignored warnings, violated fundraising rules.

New York City’s Drug Experiment/Gotham’s “safe consumption sites” bring disorder and questionable methods to its worst-off neighborhoods.

‘Amazon Bought Twitch for $1 Billion for a Reason’: Why Defense Experts Are Watching Video Game Industry.

How Trial Lawyers Team With Leftist Activists to Hurt Consumers.

This is one of those must read articles:  An Alumnus Story: Going Home, and Finding Woke.

Don’t let the Woke Crowd cancel Pearl Harbor

A somber anniversary, 80 years ago, Pearl Harbor was bombed. National Review writes about Infamy at 80; the slideshow provided by National Review is a factual, heart wrenching, visual of that fateful day and has to serve as a stark reminder, as does September 11, 2001, that America is not invincible (however, as both soon learned, an attack on America will awaken a fierce response.)   Both times America was attacked, we were at peace, not involved in any conflict or war. Victor Davis Hanson writes in American Greatness about Misremembering Pearl Harbor. From The Epoch Times:  80 Years of Remembering Pearl Harbor: Valor, Sacrifice, and Peace. From The NY Sun: Pearl Harbor: The Echoes of Infamy.

David Keene and Larry Kudlow remember Senator Bob Dole.

Biden Bureaucrats Quietly Increase Federal Government’s Control Over Health Care.

Does Biden really think we are going to believe his latest fabrication? Biden Blames Big Oil for High Cost of His War on Oil

Tensions soar as Putin, Biden hold high-stakes virtual summit

Russia and China are testing Biden — and so far, he’s failing.

How American Technology Aids China’s Global Ambitions.

Top Dem Economist Says Woke Math Is a National Security Threat.

Biden Admin Waives Sanctions on Iran as Nuclear Talks Restart.

Oh my, how will the progressives, socialist and swamp people cope with this headline? More voters would pick Trump over Biden if election were held today: poll. Perhaps that is why Ron Klain claimed press is tougher on Biden than Trump.

Deportations Plummet 90 Percent on Biden’s Watch.

DOCUMENT: Here’s Why Israel Designated Six Palestinian Charities as Terror Groups.

Seriously? Who is vetting the Biden nominees? Biden Nominee To Thwart Foreign Hacking Scored Sweetheart Deal for UAE Hacker.

Abortion isn’t going to save Democrats in 2022. However, NY’s Attorney General Tish James believes that NY should welcome women who want abortions with open arms and wallets. The current AG, who is a declared candidate for governor, is apparently hoping that promising to pay travel, accommodations and the procedure itself will give her a boost in the upcoming primary.

Dobbs and the Fate of the Conservative Legal Movement.

Gov. Hochul and Mayor de Blasio should read this:  Omicron Variant May Cause Less Severe Disease: Report.

Good news for New York City residents; your megalomaniac mayor has only 26 days left in his term.

The NY Sun pays tribute to the late Senator Robert Dole, and the National Review also writes about his passing at age 98. If you watch the moment that he stood at George H. W. Bush’s public viewing in the Capitol you will get a sense of his patriotism and inner strength. That moment explains so much about Bob Dole the man, the man who gave so much for his country. He was part of the greatest generation, a man who witnessed the horrors of World War II and came home seriously wounded, yet, or maybe due to what he saw and experienced, became a man who crossed the aisle, who listened and who was able to achieve great things for America. The “Squad” should take note. I seriously doubt that one of them has 1% of Bob Dole’s love of America, all America stands for and what he sacrificed to keep America the greatest country ever created by men. As we Tweeted yesterday; Job well done, now you can rest in peace, Senator Dole.

GOP, businesses slam AOC for doubting existence of smash-and-grab robberies: ‘Tone-deaf and offensive.’  Are her constituents aware of what she says and does as their representative? I don’t understand how they can know and still support her. Do they think this is a scene from a new movie? LA police blast liberal ‘zero bail’ policy amid rash of looting: ‘Christmas every day for criminals.’    What about this AOC? Just because you don’t live there (in California), it doesn’t happen?

Cheryl K. Chumley opines in the Washington Times that America can’t survive another three years of Joe Biden.

This was a surprising headline; I wonder why the mike wasn’t cut or music began blaring. Biden gives props to Trump for early work on vaccines. Also from the Institute:  Biden’s Doppelganger for the UN.

From Gatestone Institute:  What Russia Wants in Ukraine.

NYC’s controller-in-chief just cannot stop harming the city he says he holds near and dear to his heart. (His mandate is effective December 27; his term ends 4 days later.)  New York City imposes vaccine mandate for all private sector employers, Mayor de Blasio says. Biden keeps getting his mandates delayed in the courts, yet, the NYC megalomaniac mayor thinks his will stand. Seriously, Mr. Mayor? Only 26 more days before is reign is over. Mr. Mayor, why don’t you try reading this:  6th Circuit Court Rules Against Biden Administration in OSHA Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit.

Dr. Harvey Risch: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Other Therapeutics Highly Effective in Early COVID Treatment.

This will give the oligarchs a major case of agita; well, it would if they ever read anything other than their talking points. COVID-19 a Pandemic of Fear ‘Manufactured’ by Authorities: Yale Epidemiologist.

Behind Legislators’ Push to Make PRC National Day a New York State Holiday

SCOTUS is hearing some very interesting cases during this session, here is one of them:  Supreme Court case places Sixth Amendment in peril.

What Science Says About When Life Begins.

Social-Emotional Learning: The Insidious Teaching Tool You’ve Never Heard Of.

This is great news:  Bloomberg doubles down on his most important legacy: charter schools.

Why more young black Americans are calling themselves ‘conservative’.

ICYMI:  The Third Worldizing of America by Victor Davis Hanson.

How the ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ Fable Reveals the Folly of Student Loan Forgiveness.

How Does Government Welfare Stack Up Against Private Charity? It’s No Contest.

From the new president of the Heritage Foundation:  Tomorrow’s Heritage.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses voting rights for non-citizens, final results and the Supreme Court listened.

Voting Rights for Non-Citizens

It should come as no surprise that on top of the Democrats Christmas wish list sits voting rights for more than 800,000 non-citizens.

The far-left leaning New York City Council is set to vote within the next week on legislation that would allow non-citizens to register and vote in municipal elections. This news comes on the heals of Republican and Conservative success in the city that saw the Council Republican Conference double in size and successfully fought back Democratic power grab ballot propositions pushed hard by the left.

Democrats, sensing their socialist, anti-police, anti-public safety, tax heavy agenda is starting to annoy voters; they therefore are looking to do away with all election integrity. Furthermore, they are showing complete disregard to one of the most sacred fundamental rights of Americans citizens—the right to vote.

The Conservative Party will take every step necessary to see that votes are cast by legal New York residents only. This may very well include joining lawsuits with others interested in protecting our elections; make no mistake we fill fight every step of the way.

Final Results

After all absentee votes were counted, the certified election results show the defeat of the three propositions by large majorities. So, what does the ultra-left Democrat controlled state legislature do? They introduce bills to overcome their defeat at the polls and will next plan to push failed ballot propositions voted down by the people of New York through legislation in which only legislators can vote.

These efforts by state Democrats are dirty, disingenuous and shows utter lack of respect for the will of the people who made their voices heard on November 2.

We should be worried about the steps the far-left New York State Democrats will take in order to force their agenda through. A bi-partisan majority voted down three ballot propositions and now a partisan legislature looks to undo the votes of Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and blanks alike.

Remember, these state legislators will have their names on the ballot again. It is imperative we don’t forget how quickly those who supposedly “represent” us discarded our vote the constitutional amendments and are working to undermine the democratic process all because they didn’t get their way.

Supreme Court Listened

It has been many years in the making, but our day in court has finally come and I am very hopeful that we will win an important battle—a victory for life.

As we wait on the Supreme Court to rule on a case challenging the constitutionality of Mississippi Gestational Age Act, a case that could have major implications for Roe V. Wade, including outright reversal.

A majority of the arguments focused on whether the court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey should be overruled. These precedents are on the line and hold such importance because the court decided in both cases that any abortion ban prior to “viability,” (means when the unborn child can potentially live outside the womb,) is unconstitutional. The Mississippi ban draws the line well before viability, generally understood to be at around 24 weeks.

I eagerly wait for a ruling supporting our most vulnerable and protects the sanctity of life.

 Dem Pollster Sounds the Alarm: ‘We Have a Problem’

GOP Senators Intro Bill to Stop Biden’s Plan to Pay Illegals.

House Republicans propose bill encouraging history of communism in high schools.

Trump Makes Major Accusation in Fiery Interview: Biden Admin ‘Knowingly Destroying Our Country.’

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses voting rights for non-citizens, final results and the Supreme Court listened.

Fifty years ago, the US Supreme Court created law, hopefully within 207 days it will realize that decision was misguided.

Just some of the coverage on yesterdays US Supreme Court hearing regarding the potentially historic case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. A Pathetic Political Argument on Dobbs from Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. Lawmakers react to Mississippi Supreme Court abortion case. Observations on Today’s Abortion Argument at Supreme Court. High Court Hears Arguments in Biggest Abortion Case Since Roe. Here Are Key Takeaways. What I Saw at the Supreme Court as Justices Heard a Major Abortion Case. Five revealing quotes from Supreme Court abortion case. Even though many conservative pundits believe the Mississippi law will be upheld and Roe v Wade may become moot (we will know by June 27, 2022), the reality is that states will have the ability to adopt overly broad abortion laws similar to New York State’s. On the bright side, if Roe v Wade becomes moot, maybe New York’s “up to the moment of birth” abortion law will also, under new leadership.

It’s reckless for the left to selectively cry racism.

See No Murder/Despite its obsession with race, the media are blind to the nonwhite victims of rising violent crime.

Gordon G. Chang writes about The Moral Imperative to End China’s Regime in Gatestone Institute.

Also, in Gatestone Institute:  China Prepared to Launch Hostilities Against India Along Disputed Himalayan Border.

Chris Farrell writes about Vaccines and Power in Gatestone Institute.

Omicron Shows Why It’s Time to Move On from COVID Restrictions.

It is mindboggling that elected officials could be so mindless! If they are flummoxed by the crime wave, how do they think things through on complicated issues? Smash-and-grab crime wave baffles congressional Democrats.

Larry Kudlow opines in The New York Sun:  While Biden Blames Trump for Everything Under the Sun, Inflation Is Now Higher and Growth Lags.

File this under will worth the read:  Save the Cobalt! Municipal recycling programs need serious reevaluation.

Welcome to Mark Zuckerberg’s New Dystopia: the Metaverse.

Facebook staffer secretly advised Andrew Cuomo’s team to ‘victim shame’ accuser.

Next Step for the Parents’ Movement: Curriculum Transparency.

Do you remember the adage the higher you climb, the harder you fall? Ex-Gov. Cuomo under federal probe over sexual harassment claims. When you act as if you are invincible, inevitably you come crashing down.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Fifty years ago, the US Supreme Court created law, hopefully within 207 days it will realize that decision was misguided.

There was a time when you got in trouble for putting your hand in cookie jar…

Pence Predicts End of Roe v. Wade…if SCOTUS follows the science, former VP Pence will be right in his prediction. On the same note, our friend, Kathleen Gallagher, has a great column in this weeks’ The Evangelist.

This is an eye-opener:  China’s Subnational Influence at Work in the New York State Legislature.

Deroy Murdock writes:  Down With Foreign-Citizen Voting in American Elections.

You are forced to resign due to the complete disregard of the oath you took and you are still eligible for over $50,000 yearly – no state taxes to be paid on it – of taxpayer dollars; good deal for Andrew, disgraceful deal for New Yorkers. Cuomo takes his $4,219 monthly pension from the state.

Two of a kind (willing to break the rules to keep the power):  Chris Cuomo faces scrutiny at CNN over texts showing lengths he went to aid bro Andrew amid sex scandal. Will he keep his job as new details on Chris Cuomo’s role advising brother Andrew surface? Chris Cuomo crossed ‘many’ red lines by using journalistic street cred to help brother: Howard Kurtz

Such a project is a bold exit move for de Blasio, who has been pushing for so-called harm reduction strategies such as supervised injection sites since 2018. He should have just exited without this “bold” ultimately harmful move. New York City Opens Nation’s First Government-Sanctioned Drug Injection Sites.

From City Journal: The Genealogy of Woke Capital/From compliance to diversity.

Supreme Court Will Determine If Customers Can Sue Businesses for ‘Emotional Distress.’ This Has Serious Implications for Religious Freedom.

Biden administration attacks religious liberty.

Biden Enlists Nuclear Disarmament Proponents To Study ICBM Alternatives.

New Yorkers shouldn’t have to pay SEVEN TIMES the cost for their schools as other cities.

Jeff Minick writes in Intellectual Takeout:  Looking for COVID Truth in All the Wrong Places.

Larry Kudlow writes about Two Pieces of Good News Emerge Amid Mixed Blessings on the Economic Front.

CNBC Host Says Quiet Part Out Loud About COVID Vaccine Mandate.

Fed Chair Blows Up Biden’s Argument Inflation Is ‘Transitory’

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments this week on a very important case…

This is the most important US Supreme Court case to watch for the Pro-Life movement. Supreme Court’s Mississippi abortion case is a pivotal moment for all who value life.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: An Opportunity to Correct a Grave Error. The Heritage Foundation explains why this case is so very important.

It didn’t take long to forget the need for transparency:  Hochul and Lt. Gov. Benjamin dodge questions about botched N.Y. background check.

Nor did it take long to cater to New York’s progressive oligarchs:  Hochul’s shocking support for new law that snubs voters and lets Dems gerrymander.

The NY Post editorial board writes: Deadly result of progressive arrogance on bail reform.

A common thread in Waukesha tragedy, Kenosha shootings: Government failure.

Andrew C. McCarthy writes: Waukesha Atrocity Should Herald an End to the Bail Charade.

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‘More money than God’: Chinese titan lavished Hunter Biden with 3-carat gem, offer of $30 million.

Joe Biden was involved in a deal with a Chinese giant — and was expecting a 10 percent cut.

NY Post editorial:  Sorry, but Hunter Biden’s profiteering matters — even if the rest of the press ignore it.

From Gatestone Institute:  Re Confidence in ‘Ruler’

The United States Senate is a very “select club” limited to 100 elected members, the Upper House of Congress. One would think a certain amount of decorum would be expected, especially by its leader…  whom by the very nature of their position should be an example to be followed. At one time, that was the image projected by its members; stately. I’ve come to the conclusion, I am obviously dated in my opinion of how the US Senate Leader should be perceived, and if I had any doubt, the current US Senate Majority Leader, NY’s own, Charles Schumer made that perfectly clear when Schumer said:  NYS Will Get ‘An Effing Lot Of Money’ For Street Safety And Cycling.  Great example for your grandchildren, Senator.

Progressives forget that parents are in charge of kids’ education.

How my 84-year-old dad helped me see the folly of Gen Z.

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