The redacted raid affidavit says…

BREAKING: Judge Rules on Release of Trump Raid Affidavit   — Bruce Reinhart says he’s inclined to partially unseal the Trump Mar-a-Lago affidavit.

This is devastating news:  Census Errors Will Distort Elections, Funding for Next Decade.  Then there is this:  Inflation Reduction Act Increases Washington’s Power.  The US Government is a body that is elected by the people and answer to the people; not a bunch of ignorant bureaucrats whose only loyalty is to the elected officials who hire them. Don’t let the WOKE take over our lives; we have 82 days to take back the reigns that run America, and if we don’t, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Obviously, not an embedded war correspondent, albeit he would like you to think he has been. Journalist: Trump Supporters Are the Most Dangerous Animals I’ve Ever Covered.

Status of Global War against Terrorism.

There are days when I am looking for articles for the blog that are very dismal, then there are days that you see a headline and just laugh aloud. This is one of those headlines:  Liz Cheney ‘Thinking about’ 2024 Presidential Run after Losing Primary to Trump-Backed Challenger.  News flash for Liz Cheney, when those you know you best reject you, even after you ask those from the opposing party to vote for you, how will you mount a presidential run? Thanks for the laugh, Liz.

CDC Director Walensky to reorganize agency after admitting Covid pandemic response fell short. A reorganization isn’t all it needs; it needs to have a variety of experts to discuss all the possible solutions and then speak as one; not as individuals who listen to whom they are beholden to.  For example, why did Randi Weingarten dictate the protocol for students? What was the basis of her expertise in public health? By the way, Ms. Weingarten only taught for 6 years in the early 1990’s and full time for only half that amount.  Since then, Ms. Weingarten has been a teacher’s union executive earning $426,000 in 2020-2021.

Hochul announces statewide ‘VaxtoSchool’ initiative.

Speaking of teacher’s unions:  Aren’t We Better Than Minneapolis Teachers Union’s Racist ‘Fire Whites First’ Policy?

New Jersey teachers’ union condemns parents as ‘extremist’ in new ad.

Michelle Malkin writes:  Beware of Big Bathroom Brother.

Congestion-Pricing appears to be in the fast lane again.  Nicole Gelinas writes in City-Journal All Stuffed Up/The MTA’s congestion-pricing plan needs fixing.

While The New York Times explains Why Drivers Could Soon Pay $23 to Reach Manhattan.

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How America’s Unsecured Border Contributes to Fentanyl Crisis, Deaths.

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