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Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War.

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The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ to Increase Inflation and Impoverish Middle Class Americans.

End Infanticide

Get set for an ugly two months as Dems distract voters from their own disasters.

ICYMI; Michael Goodwin writes:  Fed-up voters Leen Zeldin’s way in New York governor race.

Kathy Hochul owes Lee Zeldin, and every other New Yorker, real answers.

How a Hochul donor received $637M in state payments. “I was not aware that this was a company that had been supportive of me,” Hochul said during a July 20 press briefing, referring to the campaign donations. “I don’t keep track of that. My team, they have no idea.”  All I will say about this is, if you believe it, beware of scam artists.

Question for AOC:  doesn’t that chip on your shoulder get very heavy to carry, or do you relish the weigh to gain media support? AOC Claims Americans ‘Hate Women,’ But At Least She Can Build Ikea Furniture By Herself

What Happened When Rhode Island Rushed to Make It Easier to Vote (and Cheat)

Climate gains are ‘inconvenient truth’ — it’s not all bad news about the environment.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s scheme for the Oval Office

Gov. Newsom may want to take this advice before he measures the curtains in the White House again. California’s Energy Grid Is a Mess. Here’s How to Fix It

Newsom should also note this:  Electric Cars Are Not ‘Zero-Emission Vehicles

What Happened When 1 Government Fell Under Influence of World’s Environmental Extremists

Obviously a “Not in my backyard” person and her complaints proves that the democrats that are complaining about the illegals being brought to their cities/towns belong in the class of politicians that stand for nothing, content to preach what others should do, but have no intention of following through with what they say:  DC Councilmember Complaining About Becoming a Border Town Had Praised Sanctuary City Status

Once Upon a Time the Government Encouraged Real Men.

Jeff Minick asks the question:  Is Boredom Driving Our Culture of Lunacy?