In the world of journalism will there ever be another Tony Snow or Walter Cronkite?

From the Washington Times editorial page: Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act diminishes prospects for human progress.  “Hope is contagious, optimists are fond of reminding. So is doubt, unfortunately. The Democratic Party’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act, supposedly packed with smart policy remedies for an ailing nation, is the work of doubters bent on extinguishing the material progress that has made America exceptional. It serves the aims of the “degrowth” movement, which is to reduce the imprint of human progress upon the globe.”

White House not saying when the Inflation Reduction Act will begin to cut inflation.

To say this is outrageous is an understatement:  Biden’s new Title IX rules deputize teachers to override parents on gender identity.  “Biden’s proposal is an invasive use of federal power to deputize teachers and school administrators to override parental decision-making. And while some states have passed laws to protect parental prerogatives, the administration will claim that its federal rules take precedence.”

‘No I’m not’: Hochul rebuffs calls to halt congestion pricing.

Christopher Wrey, aka Oligarch (An oligarch is one of the select few people who rule or influence leaders in an oligarchy—a government in which power is held by a select few individuals or a small class of powerful people) Wrey, FBI director visited ADKs/Wray would not extend Senate hearing, flew to Adirondacks, on a private FBI jet to land at the Adirondack Regional Airport for a long weekend.

Merrick Garland looks set to indict Trump — despite his glaring conflict of interest.

Trump raid shows that FBI, Justice Department want to decide who can be our president.

Minnesota Public Schools Changes Rules To Lay Off White Teachers Before Minorities. Yes, you read the headline right and the article confirms its accuracy. Imagine belonging to that union!

Seriously? Simply mindboggling that this article  — The Atlantic Contributor Espousing Anti-Catholic Hatred Is an ‘Anti-Hate Expert’—made it past the editors, then again, nothing should shock us when we have celebrities preaching about climate change while jetting across America, crime soaring while prosecutors look the other way and when once respected government agencies revert to political acrimony to destroy their perceived enemies all the while the main stream media praise their activities.

Gatestone Institute writes about The Fall of Faucism and the Return of Common Sense.

Christopher F. Rufo writes in City-Journal about Putting Parents Back in Charge/An interview with Arizona governor Doug Ducey on the state’s first-of-its-kind universal school-choice legislation. This is the second state that has taken back their education system; New York can begin the retaking of our education system if we elect Lee Zeldin, Governor on November 8, 2022

‘Advocate Rather Than a Scientist’: The Compromised Research of Child Gender-Transition Doctor Jack Turban.

The Woke Disney Company is turning its back on family values.

Jonathan Barnes writes about Standing on Principles, Protecting Our Children.

FYI: From The Kiplinger Washington Editors: New York State Tax Guide / State tax rates and rules for income, sales, property, fuel, cigarette, and other taxes that impact New York residents.