Tomorrow is NY’s second Primary Day: check your local papers to see if your area has a primary.

From Bill Hammond:   New York’s health insurance price controls are not working.

Another gem from Bill Hammond writing for the Empire Center as he examines Washington’s newly enacted climate, health and tax package that harbors an only-in-New York glitch: New federal health funding is headed for Essential Plan limbo in New York

Hypocrite! Gov. Hochul blasts district attorneys who ‘undercharge’ perps after NYC sucker-punch. The hypocritical governor must be feeling the heat due to her lack of judgement regarding the criminal justice reforms she has staunchly upheld since taking office a year ago. Her lack of concern for the people of New York cannot be ignored with one presser blasting DA’s; Governor Hochul could have set an example but chose not to by listening to her progressive allies in the legislature.

Sarah Arnold points out in her column on Woke New York Gov. Signs Bill to Scrap ‘Gendered Language’ that in Democrat-controlled New York, passing a law to better suit liberals who get offended by a word is more important than spending the time to fix the city’s crime problem.

One arrest doesn’t end the ‘open season’ on law-abiding New Yorkers thanks to your laws, Gov. Hochul.

This is a must circulate NY Post editorial to those who are still on the fence as to whom they will vote for on November 8, 2022. Gov. Hochul’s endless weaseling is killing the Empire State. If you are fed up with the failed policies that are the legacy of the democratic party get involved and Save our State.

Good for Ms. Biaggi; obviously Ms. Biaggi understands capitalism, as evidenced by the purchase, by her entrepreneur husband and herself (while apparently holding on to her previous $691,006 condo in Pelham), it is unfortunate that the policies she embraces as a progressive lefty makes it extremely difficult for everyone else to enjoy the fruits of their labor.   Alessandra Biaggi relocates to new district in million dollar home.

Biden Plans to Use Tax-Payer Money to Fund Amtrak to Send Illegal Aliens to American Towns

The insane topsy-turvy response to NYC’s migrant crisis

GOP ad blitz for Steve Wells surges to almost $1M in final days of CNY campaign for Congress “If they weren’t in trouble, they wouldn’t be spending this kind of money at the last minute,” (Tom) Dadey told | The Post-Standard on Sunday. “They’re buying more ads at the 11th hour because they’re panicked.” Read how the Citizen ( fact checks the ad about our candidate, Brandon Williams. (Hopefully, it is not behind a pay wall.) A piece of advice for voters: don’t rely only on ads to make your choice; it would be in ones’ best interest to question all ads running about all candidates; contact the campaign and the candidate to know whom you are voting for. Attend/watch debates. Stop by their campaign office.  Read the local papers, talk to your neighbors. Get involved in the race, after all the candidate is elected by you to represent what you would do if you were elected.

Leor Sapir ask the question in his City Journal column:  A Victory for Child Welfare? Did the American Academy of Pediatrics tacitly reverse its stance on pediatric gender medicine?