Are you sure you want government health care?

In case you missed FEE’s analysis:  Zuckerberg Explains to Joe Rogan Why Facebook Censored the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The “Great Reset”: A Blueprint for Destroying Freedom, Innovation, and Prosperity.

Still More Dangerous New Concessions by Biden Administration for a Nuclear Deal with Iran’s Mullahs

Will Biden strike a terrible Iran deal just for short-term political gain?

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Europe’s Twilight: Christianity Declines, Islam Rises.

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome to World of Government Health Care.

Twitter scorches Kathy Hochul for telling Republicans to ‘get out’ of New York: She’s ‘gotta go’/Republicans pushed back against Hochul for her divisive language.

How Rising Prices Are Affecting Young Adults

A Vote-Buying Scheme for Affluent Millennials.

Did you see this over the weekend? Comparison of Biden’s student loan handout to Jesus miracle by former NBA coach gets slammed on Twitter. What is Van Gundy ingesting (Psilocybin mushrooms?) as he certainly is hallucinating.

More than 2M New Yorkers expected to get student-debt relief: Schumer. Sen. Schumer lives in a make believe world that thinks our paycheck belongs to him so he can do what he wants with it. Time for Schumer to go! Help Joe Pinion retire Chuck.

NY Post Editorial:  Student-loan forgiveness is proof Dems don’t care about the rule of lawEvery single democratic who voted for this bill (and the Inflation Reduction Act that allows for, among other atrocities, 87,000 new IRS employees) should be fired by voting them out of office.

Biden’s Move to Fortify DACA Program an Unlawful Quasi-Amnesty.

Ramesh Ponnuru:  What Bill Clinton Understood About Big Government That Biden Doesn’t.

Here’s the Dems’ Latest Scare Tactic for the Upcoming Midterms.

The One Letter That Exposes the FBI’s Trump Raid Was Not About Missing Documents

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Great advice from a person who lived through the experience:  Why we should stop casually prescribing antidepressants to teens.

As a doctor and dad, I am ashamed by how horribly my field mistreats kids with ‘gender-affirming’ therapies.

On Being Conservative.