Daily Update

Yesterday’s (08/07/2016) NY Post editorial aptly described Howard Zemsky’s responses when grilled last week by both democratic and republican legislators as “sad excuses.”

This broke late Friday night...all news that administrations like to bury happens to break after hours and on weekends.  

Here is another article about the pending pay raise for legislators, notice how the Commission has until November 15 to make their recommendation which will be automatic unless rejected or changed by the Members. 

So Governor Cuomo, trying to emulate Daddy, made Hillary very upset

Sen. Tom Cotton dropped a bombshell Sunday morning which makes it even more difficult to understand why FBI Director James Comey declined to indict Hillary.  Here is what Judge Jeannine said about Hillary’s Fox News interview on July 31, 2016. 

Is this why Obama thinks Clinton is the most qualified candidate?

Bill Clinton Received Millions From Firm That Teaches Sharia Law

The Washington Post reminds the rest of the nation that Hillary Clinton’s promise to create 200,000 upstate jobs while the Senator from New York, fell flat. 

Robert Knight opines on the truth about lies.

Obama continues to try and bypass Congressional opposition, this time by trying to advance his nuclear agenda at the UN.

What Could Go Wrong With the Government’s Proposal to Put Human Cells in Animal Embryos?

This is what happens when you have a government unchecked and with too much of our money to waste

Piercing the fog of de Blasio’s cover ups

Need relief from the news…watch this video of Johnny Carson as Reagan, a “Who’s On First” spoof