Daily Update

There she goes again, Hillary just cannot help herself from exaggerating what she will do if elected.  She promised New Yorker’s 200,00 jobs as Senator and failed; now the promise is 640,000 for New Yorker’s.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. 

Hillary is being sued…for wrongful death and defamation

Have you seen this photo?  Breitbart has more on the Orlando Rally here.  The NY Post wants to know why he was invited…but true to form Hillary and her camp deny his being invited.  It is worth reading the editorial.

This is in today’s Chicago’s Tribune:   Commentary: Don’t assume all women will cast a knee-jerk vote for Hillary Clinton

The LA Times ran this Op-Ed today:  Clinton’s positive spin on the economy doesn’t reflect reality.

Look Out, Hillary! On The Economy, It’s Advantage: Trump.

The Daily Signal explains how soaring business taxes hurt us.

Adam Brodsky likes America’s newest outspoken tax hawk and thinks you should get on board.  And the NY Post opines on Trump charts the escape from Obamanomic stagnation.  

James O’Keefe strikes again…Democrats Dismiss Voter-Fraud Worries, but Reality Intrudes

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.  (Especially good this week.)