Daily Update

File this articles under:  Cuomo trying to reset (with the Clinton’s)  after DNC Convention.   Gov. Cuomo blames Legislature after Hillary Clinton comes under fire for unfulfilled promise to add 200,000 upstate New York jobs when she was senator

The above article shows Governor Cuomo trying to make amends with democrats after being panned for his DNC speech.  Then he blasts his fellow democrats in this article.  Ummm, Governor, Buffalo was not the only area to “hemorrhage jobs”, the rest of the state is still hemorrhaging jobs.  

Governor Cuomo — and Mayor de Blasio —  should be more concerned about this!  By the way, Mr. Mayor, this is not how you increase city funds.

How silly of us for thinking Hillary can’t create jobs.   Here is how she creates jobs…of course, a pay-to-play job comes with a prerequisite and a pungent stench.  Here is how The Hill plays the information.

Hillary avoids pertinent press questions again…one would think with all the good press she gets from them she would be more willing to talk to them. 

The first casualty of Hillary Clinton’s server

 Bombshell Report: CENTCOM Officials Altered Intel to Play Down ISIS Threat

Here is a good explanation, provided by The Empire Center’s Bill Hamond,  of why the cost of Obamacare is rising in New York State. 

Thinking about moving within NYS?  The Empire Center has the latest highest/lowest property tax ratings here.

A democratic congressional candidate tries a new why to get on the ballot…having dead people sign his petition.

One man’s opinion, harsh on some prominent writers, but has some very strong points for those who are still not on the Trump Train. 

BREAKING NEWS:  Voter ID law in Wisconsin reinstated.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.  (Undoubtedly, one of the best columns I’ve read in a long time.)