Weekly Wrap-Up

If you like your health care plan you can keep it, the Benghazi attacks were inspired by a YouTube video… and now, the U.S. did NOT pay a $400 million ransom to Iran for the release of U.S. hostages. 

It’s the latest lie from the Obama Administration – about something that endangers Americans everywhere.

Not a ransom? Even Obama’s IRS wouldn’t believe a whopper like that.

As Mike Pence says, the whole world knows the handout to Iran was a ransom payment – if it wasn’t, why keep it a secret

And now we learn how Iran spent its ransom windfall.

I’ve made this Iran payoff the theme of our new Weekly Poll: How would you describe President Obama’s “not-a-ransom” claim? What do you think will be the most damaging result of this payoff?  Do you believe this is the worst lie President Obama has told? (As you know, there’s plenty of competition.) 

Vote today – the answers on this topic should be very interesting. 

Just as the ransom payment to Iran isn’t really a ransom payment, this payoff to the Clinton Foundation by a group that pushes Sharia Law isn’t really outrageous.  

This week we learned specifically how much damage Hillary will do to our economy – “Hillarynomics” will increase the deficit by $2.2 trillion and spend three times the revenues coming in – and by the way, America will be bankrupt

No wonder Hillary is (accidentally?) saying that she will raise taxes on the middle class.

We can’t afford any more “big ideas” from the left – Obamacare’s failure is proof of that.

Finally, here in New York, our friend John Faso is doing his best to run a principled, responsible campaign in the midst of left-wing extremism.

Have a great weekend!