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Some think that this week’s debate was Donald Trump’s worst yet – and others think that the big loser was

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Jonathan Turley, not known for his conservative views, but considered fair, thinks Hillary's situation is more precarious,  "DOJ does not

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Super Tuesday is over and one family will remember the day, not because of politics, but because that was the

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Joseph Spector writes in his column how the unions are playing a key role in Governor Cuomo's push for a

February 29, 2016

Monica Crowley opined last week on what President Nixon would have told President Obama on Cuba.  Part of what Ms.

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President Obama, never one to let the law of the land get in his way, made it perfectly clear that

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The NY Post editorial says that de Blasio’s slush fund is looking shadier than ever. 

Daily Update

The outrageous NYC Council proposal to allow non-citizens the right to vote is not the only looming non-citizens voting facing Americans.  National Review reports