Weekly Wrap-Up

Transgender issues have been in the news quite a bit this week, from debates over so-called “bathroom bills” to ESPN’s firing of former big league pitcher and baseball analysts Curt Schilling over his criticism of transgender activists. The Daily Signal points out that ESPN should have the right to not associate with Schilling’s message – but shouldn’t that same right be extended to religious individuals? 

Saying that the new push for open bathrooms is political correctness in overdrive, Ted Cruz wants to know, “Have we gone stark raving mad?” 

And Rush Limbaugh thinks liberals want to eliminate the very idea of morality. 

Target is facing a backlash over its very liberal transgender restroom policy, and some are pointing out that such policies have already put women and young girls at risk

What do you think about this controversial issue? I’ve made it the topic of our new Weekly Poll, and I hope you will give your opinions.

Meanwhile, it’s looking more and more like Trump vs. Hillary this November. 

Is it possible that the Republican convention could be rigged – in favor of Trump? 

Trump is taking heat for going along with the transgender attack on women’s restrooms, for supporting tax increases, and for seeking to water down the Republican Party’s platform plank against abortion

Let’s see if he can win points with conservatives with the list of potential Supreme Court nominees he’s promising. 

Here in New York, we can expect to see more of this type of hypocrisy as our $15 minimum wage kicks in – and get ready for stories like this, reported by the Daily Signal, of small businesses being ruined by this “progressive” plan.

Have a great weekend!