Daily Update

Bob McManus states in his Op-Ed in today’s New York Post that Mayor de Blasio’s administration might be the dumbest in modern times.  The reality is, we hope it is only dumb — and not a calculated, determination to break the law because it has become the way politics is done in New York.  Only time will tell and only concerned New Yorkers will be able to make a difference.  However, when Columbia University does all it can to cover up their involvement in a scheme that brought down Shelly Silver, one has to wonder if it is possible to end the indifference that many in New York City seem to have when it comes to electing officials. 

More problems for de Blasio in today’s New York Post.    Obviously, the Mayor is rattled by all of accusations.  

The Mayor has also made poor choices regarding our NYPD — the everyday man and woman  who risk their lives to protect us — and the people who sit on the Civilian Complaint Review Board. 

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey says that the poor economy is literally killing people. 

The New York State Lottery is earning billions — for now — almost $10 billion last year.  What will happen when the casino’s open?  And what will happen to the school revenue that will most likely fall off?  Taxpayers asked for this conundrum, due in part, to the wording NYS used to pass one of Gov. Cuomo’s pet projects.  

Colorado Court rules against the First Amendment.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.