Weekly Wrap-Up

Former House Speaker John Boehner tore into Sen. Ted Cruz this week, calling him “Lucifer in the flesh.” Sen. Cruz took the attack as a compliment

The Democrats stood out as the party of criminals this week – coining a new politically-correct phrase for young lawbreakers (“young people involved in the justice system”), making it easier for those with criminal records to get jobs with the federal government (where they’ll fit right in, I’m sure), and concocting a scheme to manipulate criminal voting rights as a boost to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Will Mayor de Blasio soon be joining the ranks of Democratic criminals? 

In the most frightening example of the left’s disregard for the rule of law, we’ve now learned that under the Obama Administration, “federal immigration authorities last year released 19,723 criminal illegal aliens back onto U.S. streets who have been convicted of 64,197 crimes — including 208 homicides.”

Is it any wonder ISIS is using America’s open borders to infiltrate the country

As Obama brags about his economic brilliance, the economy continues to falter – and his failures are an albatross for the Clinton campaign.

Meanwhile Hillary’s foreign policy views are sparking anger throughout the world – and the State Department she led, in what is given as her main qualification to be President, is now the center of cover-up charges over Hillary’s email scandal. 

Donald Trump gave a foreign policy speech this week, and of course his opponents ripped and ridiculed his ideas – but his “America First” vision is winning praise, as well. 

Is this more evidence that GOP officials and members of Congress are making their peace with the idea of President Trump? 

Let’s wrap things up with some new Weekly Poll questions: Of the two presidential front-runners, who do you believe is more presidential – Clinton or Trump? Based on people you speak with and the news you read, are you sensing more excitement at the idea of Trump 2016? And overall, do you believe Donald Trump can actually beat Hillary Clinton? 

I look forward to seeing the responses. Thank you, and have a great weekend!