Daily Update

The NY Post editorial called the Mayor’s budget Pinocchio budgeting.

This blog is not very supportive of President Obama, but when he does get something right, he deserves the credit.  President Obama appointed Preet Bharara in 2009 and New York politicians have certainly made him a household name.  Chairman Long tells Ken Lovett intoday’s NY Daily News that US Attorney Bharara should be reappointed, should that be what he wants.  Chairman Long also said, “”I certainly laud him for what I consider the beginning of the cleanup, the cleansing, of New York State politics.  It seems like the whole state is infested — the city of New York, Assembly members, state senators and now the executive branch.”

Bharara’s Buffalo Billion probe taints Cuomo’s upstate boon.  The mushrooming Cuomo problem is also covered in today’s Politico-NY and can be read here.

While we include articles on the constant signs of corruption in our blog, it really is disheartening to those of us who are involved in politics because they truly appreciate all that America and New York State have accomplished through our form of government;  a republic (supreme power is held by the people through their elected representatives) — to see the headlines scream corruption and have our elected officials being investigated.  Ariel and Will Durant wrote in The Story of Civilization that a great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.   Voters must make the right choices in every election to be certain the chilling words of the Durant’s are not a prophesy of our future.

In case you missed this headline, McAuliffe restores voting rights for 206K ex-felons; GOP calls it move to boost Clinton.  Virginia only allows a governor to serve one term; but they are eligible after sitting out the next election.  Hopefully, he will not run again and if he did, the voters will remember his executive order allowing ex-felons to vote.

Someone should tell Senator Schumer that this is not new.  Obviously, his mobile device does not have links to his favorite places to shop otherwise he would know every time he came close to a favorite store, his phone would send him text messages.  Since Senator Schumer is always looking for an angle to grab a headline, I guess he thought the “spying bill boards” would get people’s attention.  It did, not because consumers are worried about it, but rather to show how he is totally out of touch with the real world of today’s modern technology.  Time to retire Senator Schumer!

Rasmussen has some interesting results in its latest Presidential poll

Puerto Rico defaults on debt payment; do not let Congress bail them out!  Congressman Darrell Issa has a better solution here.

Breaking News:  Congressman Chris Gibson not running for Governor in 2018