Daily Update

Six times in the history of the United States, Americans have chosen a New Yorker as their president.  Will 2016 be the seventh?  The odds are quite good since at this time, it looks more and more like both candidates will be a resident of New York State

This is an election year that is rewriting political science.  In the 9th Senate District, the person who voted for Shelly Silver to be Speaker — convicted of corruption — and for Carl Heastie to be Speaker — currently being investigatedappears to be rewarded with a Senate Seat.  Meanwhile the hand picked candidate– by Silver’s loyalists — for Silver’s Assembly Seat Alice Cancel easily won.  These are the people who may write ethics rules for themselves and their fellow legislators.  Do you think they will include term limits?  No Pension if convicted? Or continue the ambiguous ones currently in place.  Look where they come from, the answer is obvious.

You’ve Got a Friend is one of Carol King’s biggest hits;  Governor Cuomo must really like it as he is singing it to organized labor lately

This is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing articles we have posted to date; but it is necessary to do so.  Despite what Hillary said, an unborn child is a human being and an abortedchild must not be sold for spare body parts. 

The Fourth Circuit Federal Court is becoming as radical as the Ninth.  If this Daily Signal post does not point out the consequences of a far left president appointing judges for life, life in America is almost past the brink of profound constitutional changes.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.