Daily Update

The New York Post’s editorial takes a look at the Mayor’s newest spending spree which is 15% more than Team de Blasio’s last budget while inflation is at less than 1%,

De Blasio attempts to sound the reformer from the left side of his mouth; he attempts to defend his illegal campaign-finance practices from the right side. What comes out is hypocritical gobbledygook.

The NY Post wants to know if Mayor de Blasio is corrupt or incompetent.  So do the rest of citizens in New York City. 

Democrats no longer care that their soda tax hits the poor hardest

The NY Times has faulted French labor laws, however that has not stopped them from calling for similiar laws in the US.  They have now found that the French labor laws are too expensive and eliminated 70 position; the question becomes will the stop pushing the same job-killing ideals here?

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.