Statement From NYS Conservative Party 4/19/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
April 19, 2024

Statement by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on 2024 State Budget

Brooklyn-NY…“Anyone who views this state budget as a victory is deluding themselves. It’s too expensive, too expansive, too progressive, and too self-serving for the Democratic Party. The People of New York deserve to be outraged.

“Governor Hochul, who loves to claim victory by saying how much worse her budgets could have been, has again done nothing to address the screaming needs of New Yorkers. New York has a serious housing crisis, yet we see abandoned properties everywhere. Rent regulated landlords can’t keep properties up with Major Capital Improvement (MCIs) reimbursement rates capped at $30,000. And now, after destroying much of New York City’s housing market with counterproductive rent regulations, Mrs. Hochul and the Democrats are bringing regulations statewide with ‘Good Cause Eviction.’

“Low-income parents across New York, the very population Democrats purport to champion, are desperate for more charter school slots, while Mrs. Hochul and her colleagues continue to dump money into a broken system that necessitated charter schools in the first place. The Governor talks a big game about cracking down on crime, but does nothing  — zero —  to roll back cashless bail or to bring back crime fighting tactics that actually work. Approximately 1.4 million former New York neighbors have abandoned the state for lower-tax environs since 2010, and the Democrats keep piling on more. It will now cost you $15 to drive into midtown Manhattan.

“Everywhere you look, New York is out of the mainstream, as it continues to rank as the state with the worst business outlook in America. One would think that Mrs. Hochul and the Democrats would finally wake up. This budget makes it clear they will not. It will be up to voters to save New York. Those running Albany have their heads in the sand.”