Statement From NYS Conservative Party 4/15/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
April 15, 2024

Statement by NYS Conservative Party Chairman on Murders of Syracuse Police Officer and Onondaga Sheriff’s Deputy

Brooklyn-NY…“New Yorkers mourn the loss of a Syracuse Police Officer and an Onondaga Sheriff’s Deputy who were callously gunned down in Salina last night while pursuing a stolen vehicle suspect. At the same time, we’re outraged at the utter chaos that progressive crime policies have wrought on our criminal justice system, directly or indirectly contributing to shootings like the one we mourn today.

“Now, almost unbelievably, the progressives have a new plan: reclassify dozens of existing offenses as ‘hate’ crimes, as if that would do anything to make New Yorkers more safe. How about catching suspects, prosecuting them to the full extent of the law, and imprisoning them for the full lengths of their terms instead? Because that used to work.

“At every turn, Governor Hochul and her colleagues find new ways to complicate the obvious: if you commit a crime in this state, you should be punished for it. By constantly viewing criminal justice through an ideological lens, New York Democrats have lost sight of reality. That reality is staring us in the face this morning just outside of Syracuse.”