Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 4/19/24


As constitutionalist conservatives, we believe protesting is a protected right in a free society. I for one have been involved in many protests over the years. However, protesting by closing bridges, blocking airport access on highways, taking over parts of schools and public places are not protected under the Constitutional right to free speech. Simply put, it’s because the protestors are interfering with the rights of others. Imagine you or a loved one is having a medical emergency, and you can’t get to a hospital because the access points are shut down by protesters. Although one example, this is the reality people are facing in our state, and across the country daily. Those who organize and conduct these illegal protests should be arrested and held accountable for the chaos they ensue. 

Law enforcement under the direction of civil authorities has a mixed record on this issue. In some parts of our nation the protestors are given free reign, always at the expense of the public. Even when a few arrests are made, usually after a direct altercation with the police, the protestors are likely to be back on the streets within hours with a claim of victimization. 

The NYPD and other NYS law enforcement organizations are becoming tougher with what has become everyday occurrences. Now, the prosecutors and judges need to recognize the need to cause these lawbreakers to cool their heels in jail and spend some much needed time in there reflecting on their decisions. 

Most Americans seeing these protests wonder if governments have lost control in many urban centers. It is important that our governmental, political, civic and criminal justice officials push back at protestors who take advantage of our free society by ignoring the laws that are in place to actually protect the sacred right. Recently, California’s famous Golden Gate Bridge was shut down by protesters for hours, only to be arrested and released the following day without charges. There are over 100,000 cars that cross that bridge every day, and because there is no accountability, they will do it again, and again. The solution is simple, but progressive Democrat policies handcuff our law enforcement, and ultimately our citizens pay the price, not the politicians. 


With the conclusion of this very extensive and costly budget process, the average taxpayer should expect more devastating tax increases, rather than relief. Anyone who views this state budget as a victory is deluding themselves. It’s too expensive, too expansive, too progressive, and too self-serving for the Democratic Party. The People of New York deserve to be outraged.

Governor Hochul, who loves to claim victory by saying how much worse her budgets could have been, has again done nothing to address the screaming needs of New Yorkers. New York has a serious housing crisis, yet we see abandoned properties everywhere. Rent regulated landlords can’t keep properties up with Major Capital Improvement (MCIs) reimbursement rates capped at $30,000. And now, after destroying much of New York City’s housing market with counterproductive rent regulations, Mrs. Hochul and the Democrats are bringing regulations statewide with ‘Good Cause Eviction.’ You can read our full press release on the budget here


Patriots Podium episode #22 featuring Peter Murphy, the Vice President for Policy at Invest In Education Foundation is out now! I had the pleasure of having a great conversation with Peter Murphy who has many years of experience in government, the not-for-profit sector, and promoting the expansion of educational opportunities for American families. Peter previously served with Governor George Pataki where he helped develop the New York State Charter Schools Act, and as the Vice President of the State University Charter Schools Institute, he led efforts to bring about an investment tax credit within our state. In this episode, we go into detail about the importance of school choice, charter schools, policy, and much more! Please give it a listen, and share it to any interested individuals: 

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