For Immediate Release
July 20, 2020
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882  @cpnys

 Brooklyn, NY – State Conservative Party Chairman, Gerard Kassar, speaking on behalf of his membership and the majority of New York’s citizens, is urging the members of the New York State Legislature to withdraw the emergency powers they voted to give Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a budget bill, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

“When the legislative members return this week, the first order of business should be to rescind the unilateral control — full authority over any state or local law – as long as it is related to the disease.   For example, just this past week, Governor Cuomo required restaurant patrons to order food if they want to buy alcohol, clearly overreaching the original intent.

“Businesses are doing their best to comply with the public health needs; however, the ever-changing requirements are making it incredibly difficult and extremely expensive to comply with the dictates of the Executive Order.

“The legislative members must take back their role as the representatives of their constituents and do what is best for them and the citizens of New York to get our economy back on track as well as the lives and mental well-being of the citizens of New York.  Should further action be required, it must take place in each legislative house, debated on the floor, passed by majority vote, and sent to the Governor for his signature,” said Chairman Kassar.  “That is how our representative democracy is required to work, all three branches of government working for the good of its citizens. “

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