The wild west was nothing compared to the lawlessness of today…

The editors of National Review want their readers to know:  Andrew Cuomo Is Not a COVID Hero.  Circulate the article to your family and friends and let them know also.  Another great article to pass around to those who still think the Emperor walks on water.  One more for those who need more convincing:  Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 tall tales.

Our Emperor has thin skin when criticized.  Cuomo: Jake Tapper’s Analysis of My COVID Poster Was a ‘Misconstruction’

One must admit that New Yorkers are an inventive group of people tired of dumb regulations.

Glad to see we are not the only ones calling Andrew, Emperor.  ‘Emperor’ Andrew Cuomo’s insane ‘eat if you’re drinking at a bar’ order.  It would have been fun twittering this out on Saturday; if we had access to our twitter account.  This is the 3rd time we have been denied access and it is getting to be absurd, that “bots” think we are robots also.  Conservatives: we need an alternative to Twitter and please don’t tell me Parler; Parler promotes free speech, but not an alternative to Twitter, far too convoluted to use and reach many people.

The Hill has this article, Quarantines for out-of-state visitors exceeds governors’ emergency authority, dated July 14, 2020.  We happen to agree that this exceeds the emergency authority of the tri-state governors, and today, upon learning that Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to Georgia (one of the states on the quarantine list) we can’t help but wonder, if he will follow his own advice and self-quarantine upon his return?  Or is the Emperor above the rules he makes for others?

Good news:  Oxford University Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Produces Strong Immune Response.

AOC’s Anti-Billionaire Crusaders Are Spreading in New York City.  (Unfortunately for Americans, not only in NYC)

Poor Democrats: they were so sure they would be able to use this in the upcoming months.

A good history lesson from Nayeli Riano who wrote, Do We Learn From History, in the Imaginative Conservative.

Nearly 50% Of Americans Believe Mail-In Voting Is Vulnerable to Significant Levels of Fraud: Poll.  Rest assured mail-in voting will be pushed by every democrat that has a stake in voting results.  We must do all we can to prevent mail-in voting.

Armstrong Williams writes:  Our Government’s Unwise Stamp of Approval on Black Lives Matter.

Silver gets off easy!

Trump vs. Cuomo:  Trump says Gov. Cuomo must end NYC ‘crime wave’ — or he will step in.  Trump: “And then the police are afraid to do anything. I know New York very well, I know the police very well, New York’s Finest, and the fact is, they’re restricted from doing anything, they can’t do anything.”

In all honesty, crime is out of control in New York, Chicago, Portland and far too many other places.  The wild west was nothing compared to what is going on today.  Pray that America and Americans find their way…soon, very soon.