Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses Mayor de Blasio, Joe Biden, and thanks Tom Basile for appearing on our bi-weekly Facebook presentation.

De Blasio Signs Police Reform Into Law

 Anti NYPD and pro criminal Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a package of police reform bills into law earlier this week as violent crimes continue to skyrocket within his city.

The Mayor used the painting of a Black Lives Matter mural as the backdrop to his signing ceremony, pandering to radical far left voters whose only goal is to abolish the police force. Overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday, just hours before de Blasio further handcuffed the NYPD, at least 11 people were shot city wide.

Amongst the most controversial was the outlawing of chokeholds by the NYPD which Chief of Department Terrence Monahan labeled as “insane.”

New York State Troopers President Thomas Mungeer didn’t take too kindly to the Mayors decision to make the job of a police officer more dangerous and called for the immediate withdrawal of State troopers from New York City.

“This poorly conceived bill, which will be signed into law by Mayor de Blasio today, puts an undue burden upon our troopers; it opens them up to criminal and civil liability for restraining a person during a lawful arrest in a manner that is consistent with their training and is legal throughout the rest of the state,” Mungeer said.

While the Mayor kowtowed to the likes of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, I joined thousands of Church members, clergy, law enforcement, community activists and concerned citizens in a peaceful march from Brooklyn to City Hall in support of ending the violence and supporting law and order, and quality of life within New York City and throughout New York State.

Unfortunately, a truly peaceful gathering amongst a very diverse group of concerned New Yorker’s was violent; attacked by counter protestors who injured at least 4 police officers, including a blindsided attack on Chief Monahan.

As Congressman Lee Zeldin pointed out last week, the city is in dire need of real leadership and while Mayor de Blasio is out doing arts and crafts in the streets, law abiding residents are watching the destruction of New York City little by little, with no action from City Hall other than to villainize the men and women of the NYPD.

Joe Biden looking to Bernie Sanders for Advice on Raising Taxes

 Joe Biden has made it very clear, the Trump tax cuts will be a thing of the past under his presidency, instead he will be looking to add more regulations, higher taxes and adopt the Green New Deal, all of which will cripple the strongest economy this country has ever seen.

“If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised” Biden gleefully proclaimed at a rally in South Carolina. A repeal of the Trump Administrations Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will result in a $2,000 annual tax increase on a median income family of four, along with a $1,300 annual tax increase on a median income single parent with one child.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper couldn’t buy the nonsense coming from Biden who claimed Americans weren’t benefiting from the tax cuts, stating “In fact, estimates from both sides of the political spectrum show that the majority of people in the United States of America did receive a tax cut.”

There are many reasons to be concerned with Joe Biden, whether it be his controversial voting record as a career politician, his physical health, or his silence on the devastating affects anti police rhetoric is having on inner city communities, one thing is for certain; our economy will suffer. There will be no rebound in a Biden White House.

President Trump built the strongest economy this country has ever seen, a global pandemic slowed and nearly crippled that work, but he has brought it back and will continue to bring it back even stronger.

Thank You, Tom Basile

 I was happy to be joined Wednesday by Tom Basile, an author, columnist, and Conservative Strategist who amongst many other positions, held Senior roles in both the President George W. Bush and Governor George Pataki administrations. We were joined by over 250 live viewers as we forecasted the 2020 elections and discussed the anarchist movement being supported, and in many ways perpetrated, by Democratic elected officials.

It is my intention to hold live speaker’s series every two weeks with a variety of different guests including media, strategists, and candidates.

I hope you will join us for future discussions!


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