The Left’s meltdown continues…

New York Democrats ask federal court to restore overturned maps, keep primary in June; they certainly did not expect this response: Judge slams Democratic-backed lawsuit to keep scrapped N.Y. congressional maps as ‘Hail Mary’.  BTW, Judge Kaplan is a Clinton appointee.

In Memoriam: ‘Baby Girl #1’.

Aborti-Mania: The Perfectly Planned Meltdown.

Alito makes masterful argument to ‘overturn’ Roe v. Wade.

Dobbs Opinion, If It Stands, Rights Supreme Court’s Wrong.

Pro-Abortion Group Publicizes Conservative Supreme Court Justices’ Home Addresses ahead of Planned Protests.  Just imagine for a minute the response if pro-lifers publicized any of their home addresses.

Meltdown: The Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Caused Liz Warren to Produce a Real Trail of Tears.

Democrats to force Senate vote on abortion bill after Supreme Court leak

China’s COVID lockdowns expose the folly of communism.

Canceling Student Loans Is Bribery and Inflationary.

Where’s Biden on Growing Nuclear Threats?

Poll: Biden’s High Disapproval the Same and Eroding His Political Base.

Rachel Levine’s ‘gender affirmation’ echo chamber.

GOP Likely to Gain House Seat of NY’s Next Lt. Gov. Delgado.

20 Republican-led states threaten legal action against DHS, urge disbanding of ‘un-American’ disinfo board.

Special Counsel John Durham Wins Key Motion in Case Against Former Clinton Lawyer.

‘Anti-racism’ for 4-year-olds shows how destructive the ideology is.

How China’s TikTok Rakes in Cash for Cartels.

Universal Preschool Programs Expand, Despite Documented Harms.