Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses The Leaked Memo, Albany Democrats Changing Laws for Self-Benefit and Michael Henry, our state Attorney General candidate.

Roe v. Wade Leak

 The New York State Conservative Party has been arguing for nearly five decades that Roe V. Wade was a short-sighted, bad legal decision. The leak of Justice Alito’s draft opinion earlier this week hints at a long-awaited reversal and a victory for those of us who respect the rights of the unborn.

I have never viewed abortion as constitutionally protected.  While the leak hints at a victory for life, we need to patiently await the final ruling.

We are on the verge of one of the most historic, impactful Supreme Court decisions of our lifetime.  I join with you in sincerely hoping that the Supreme Court does indeed do the right thing – reverse Roe V. Wade.

 To read our press release please click here.

Albany Democrats Change Laws for Self-Benefit

Governor Kathy Hochul and her gang in the Democratic Party have no moral scruples preventing them from doing anything they need to benefit themselves.

Earlier this week, they amended long standing election law in order to do one thing—make up for Governor Hochul’s mistake when she appointed Brian Benjamin as her Lt. Governor without first thoroughly vetting the nominee.

They replaced the disgraced Benjamin on the ballot with newly anointed Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado, a Congressman from NY’s 19th district. Congressman Delgado immediately accepted Hochul’s parachute as he, along with his team and campaign staff, knew the very popular Dutchess County Executive, Marc Molinaro, posed more than a serious threat to his incumbency.

This isn’t about left vs. right. This is about the out of touch Democratic Party in control of the state, desperately in need of a lifeline, changing laws to benefit themselves. Governor Hochul and her team were derelict in their duties to fully vet Benjamin. In return, they abused the law and used their majority in Albany to set a dangerous precedence — changing state laws in order to compensate for their incompetence.

Read my full statement here.

Michael Henry for New York Attorney General

 Michael Henry is the son of a retired Mount Vernon detective and a surgery center manager from the Bronx. He knows that hard work leads to accomplishment.

In New York, crime crises are crippling every part of this state. Every single day, victim-generating laws mean working class people fear the streets. He decided to use his earned experience to save New York from becoming lawless by running for Attorney General and ensuring New York remains a safe place to work and raise a family.

Michael is an experienced attorney who owns a New York City based, boutique law firm which specializes in commercial litigation, creditor bankruptcy and PACA Trust. His work has successfully recovered millions of dollars in assets for clients ranging from billion dollar banks to small business owners. Most recently, he set a court precedent in the Eastern District of New York, where a judge issued a slip opinion in response to the court’s agreement with Michael’s memorandum of law defining the courts jurisdiction.

As of May 1, 2022 in New York City alone, shooting victims are up 4.4%, felony assault is up 19.8%, rape is up 10.7%, and burglary is up 32.7%. These numbers are just a small portion of the crime increases we are seeing statewide. We have opportunities this fall to change directions and work towards a friendlier, safer New York that doesn’t favor criminals over hard- working tax payers.

To learn more about Mike, get involved, or donate please visit his website here.

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