Did whomever leak the SCOTUS draft memo unwittingly “Overplay Their Hand?”

Chief Justice Roberts Confirms Authenticity of Leaked Dobbs Draft Opinion; the Marshal of the United States Supreme Court, Gail A. Curley, will lead the investigation.

From the Washington Examiner, some reasonable food for thought:  Three quick thoughts on the Dobbs draft leak

Today is a heart wrenching day in America, not because of what the leaked draft memo says, it is heart wrenching because it was leaked.  As Mark Levin, noted today (05/03/2022) this is a war on our system of government.  Unfortunately, he is right.

A Shocking Assault on the Supreme Court.

Dobbs decision leak an unprecedented breach of Supreme Court norms.

From Daily Signal:  What to Know About Leaked Supreme Court Draft Opinion That Would Overturn Roe v. Wade.

What I Saw Outside Supreme Court After Report Roe v. Wade to Be Overturned.

Did anyone anticipate anything different from President Biden:  Biden declares right to abortion ‘fundamental’ after leak of draft Supreme Court opinion.  Biden ‘not prepared’ to leave right to privacy determination to ‘whims’ of ‘local areas’.

What Americans Really Think about Abortion.

Leftists Praise Tearing Down Supreme Court Norms, Destructive Leak as Heroic.

Legal experts: SCOTUS leaker could be caught but not face criminal charges, possibly disbarred.

Will the Reaction to SCOTUS Leak Change the Bench’s Decision? One Line in Draft Opinion Is Telling.

Dems Rediscover What a Woman Is After SCOTUS Leak.

One Dem Senator Doesn’t Want the FBI to Uncover the Supreme Court Leaker.

CNN is in meltdown mode:  CNN Legal Analyst Warns Supreme Court Could Ban Gay Marriage and Interstate Travel Next.

There was a SCOTUS ruling issued yesterday that has been lost in the coverage of the leaked memo that is great news:  A unanimous Supreme Court rebukes the anti-religion Left.

DHS creates a ‘Ministry of Truth’ to chill your first-amendment rights.

Destroying Food to Fight Climate Change Is Madness.

Typical of the Woke generation; they can’t win a discussion by using facts so they call for anyone who disagrees with them to be removed any way possible.  AOC calls for Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to be primaried.

Pennsylvania Parents: Drag Queens in Thongs Too Cheeky for School Children

Psaki Says Disinformation Governance Board Will Be ‘Nonpartisan’ and ‘Apolitical’.  Sure, and Elvis just left the building.