The Washington Post has more “Pinocchios” for President Biden.

Bob McManus’s insight into Albany and especially Governor Cuomo should be required reading by everyone who will vote in the 2022 elections.  Cuomo’s gun-violence emergency slush fund is all about saving… Cuomo.

Ortt: Legal gun owners in New York State should be worried.

Could aspects of NY’s gun violence emergency declaration end up before Supreme Court?

Congresswoman Tenney was in Ilion defending Second Amendment rights.

Gas prices projected to increase up to 20 cents over summer.

Larry Kudlow writes in the New York Sun; Stop the Presses: It Turns Out People Prefer a Job to a Tax Hike.

These 9 States Are Cutting Income Taxes to Boost Their Recovery.  Of course, New York is not one of them.

Liz Peek: Biden is no Reagan – here’s the real reason the economy is recovering.

Tammy Bruce opines in the Washington Times: Chicago’s Lightfoot plays victim in city’s crime spike.

BLM Utah Chapter Thinks You’re Dangerous, Dumb, and Racist If You Fly an American Flag.

Biden admin to move $860M in COVID funds to house illegal immigrant children.

Biden’s border crisis looks even worse in person.

Biden Relaxes COVID Safeguards for Migrants, Cracks Down on Agents.

President Biden has a problem when even the Washington Post does a fact check and Biden is given three Pinocchios.

Wow, this is shocking even for George Soros:  Soros-Funded Groups Call on Biden to Ignore China’s Abuses in Order To Fight Climate Change.

Psaki: Criticism of Door-to-Door Vaccination Campaign is a ‘Disservice to the Country’

Two excellent articles in Gatestone Institute on China:  1) What Is China Doing by Pete Hoekstra and 2) Xi Jinping Is Mobilizing China for War, Possibly With Nukes by Gordon G. Chang.

Randi Weingarten shows her true colors, which sadly do not have the best interest of teachers or students, in her remarks during a livestreamed event headlined by the controversial “How to Be an Antiracist” author Ibram X Kendi.

Randi, you should be aware that according to a Rasmussen Poll, 78% of likely U.S. Voters say it’s at least somewhat important for schools to teach the traditional values of Western Civilization, including 52% who say it’s Very Important. This is virtually unchanged from four years ago, and in line with surveys dating back to 2013.

How One Man Leads the Charge Against Woke School Boards.

Ben Shapiro opines in the Daily Signal:  Stop Surrendering Education to the Radical Left

Thank you, Pro Bowl NFL cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

The rise of a generation of censors: Law schools the latest battlement over free speech.

They want to be the 51st State!

Hunter Biden art show sparks ethics concerns.  (Seriously, this is the only thing that sparks ethics concerns?)