Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Gov. Cuomo’s new Emergency Order, back on the road and Randi Weingarten’s CRT push.

Governor Cuomo Issues New Emergency Order

 In typical Governor Cuomo fashion, a new Executive Order was issued this week declaring gun violence throughout New York as Disaster Emergency.

There certainly is an emergency to declare, but that Disaster Emergency is the Democratic legislature whose policies and rhetoric have caused crime to skyrocket statewide.

The problem in New York is not law abiding citizens whom wish to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. The problem in New York are the politicians who promote lawlessness through legislation that fails to hold those most willing to commit crimes accountable for their actions.

Violent criminals, often with long histories of committing crimes, are continuously allowed back in communities more brazen and freer to break the law than ever before. State Democrats have made it very clear—public safety is not their top priority.

Police all over the state are stripped of the tools necessary to do their job and do it well. Instead, they are plagued by state and local governments who view Law Enforcement as expandable talking points as they kowtow to the lawless left.

The real State of Emergency sits in the Governor’s Mansion and State House. Law and order are only restored once we end Andrew Cuomo’s career and take back control of the State Senate.

See my statement here.

On the Road

 I was pleased to meet up with our gubernatorial candidate Congressman Lee Zeldin and the leadership of our Erie County Conservative Party, at an event they held for Congressman Zeldin’s campaign, co-sponsored with Carl Paladino.

The Congressman, as usual, spoke to the minds and hearts of the assembled crowd on saving our state. From taxes and spending, to crime and education, Lee Zeldin was right on point. I was glad to be with Chairman Ralph Lorigo, Chairman Don Mazzullo, GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy, former State Senator Cathy Young and Russ Gugino who organized the event.

The next day it was off to Genesee County to the town of LeRoy, where I had an opportunity to update the media and members of the Genesee County Conservative Party on our state party activities and the Zeldin campaign.

I want to thank Genesee County Chairwoman Julie Bolas-Carasone for running an energizing, growing party in her county.

I look forward to the second half of the year and continuing to organize as we enter a crucial 2022 election year that will shape our state. It is imperative we take in the atmosphere around us and ask ourselves if we can afford an additional 4 years of Andrew Cuomo.

Randi Weingarten Continues to Push CRT

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten claimed this week that many Republican lawmakers are “bullying” teachers on “honest history” during a live event headlined by the controversial “How to Be an Antiracist” author Ibram X. Kendi.

You may recall during the Justice Amy Coney Barret confirmation hearing, Kendi charged Coney Barret with being a White colonizer who adopted black children to civilize these “savage” children in “superior” ways. A truly disgusting attack on Justice Coney Barret and her beautiful family.

Currently, 26 states have introduced legislation or taken other actions to restrict the teaching of Critical Race Theory leading to a massive pushback from the AFT and the nation’s largest teacher’s union the National Education Association.

Certainly no one gaslights quite like Randi Weingarten, who makes over $550,000 a year 9 times the amount of teachers, and made schooling non-essential the last 12 months. To claim she has students’ best interest at heart is laughable at best and infuriating if your child is being stripped of an education at the hands of Weingarten who used children as political weapons.

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