Statement from New York Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Governor Cuomo’s Cynical Assault on Second Amendment

For Immediate Release
July 6, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882 @ cpnys

Brooklyn, NY – “There’s a ‘Disaster Emergency’ in New York — and not the one Andrew Cuomo is fabricating to create a political distraction from the ongoing crime wave.

“The real disaster is the liberal, pie-in-the-sky criminal justice ‘reforms’ that Mr. Cuomo and his Democrat colleagues have forced on New Yorkers over the past three years. The resulting crime surge is as unconscionable as it was predictable.

“What did Mr. Cuomo think would happen when cash bail, broken window policing, and stop-and-frisk were all abruptly ended? What did he think when police budgets were slashed? Did he think criminals would go on vacation?

“Mr. Cuomo’s solution, once again, is to threaten the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding New Yorkers rather than address the actual issue of criminal behavior.

“We know how to crack down on crime — two Republican New York City mayors proved it — but Mr. Cuomo seems more concerned about appearing ‘woke’ than he is about crime victims. How terribly progressive. How terribly sad.”