Biden brings back Big Brother

Chairman Kassar’s interview on Finger Lakes News Radio late last week:  Conservatives Say Zeldin is Their “Presumptive” Gubernatorial Candidate.

Former CDC director Redfield explains why he believes COVID-19 emerged from lab, WHO ‘compromised’.

From the City-Journal:  Don’t Universalize Housing Vouchers/Subsidizing demand in America’s constrained housing markets will further increase rents.

North Korean defector says ‘even North Korea was not this nuts’ after attending Ivy League school.

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Chooses Indoctrination Over Education

White House unveils strategy to battle domestic extremism.  Big Brother rears his ugly head again: “The strategy includes a call to bolster law enforcement partnerships and stem extremist recruitment paired with elements deemed more essential after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, including better analysis of social media and programs to boost civics education and battle disinformation.”

Producer prices surge 6.6% annually, most on record.

Not even a full six months into the presidential term, the Administration breaks their word to Americans. White House to Democrats: Get ready to go it alone on infrastructure.

Sen. John Boozman: Biden’s tax increases – farmers, ranchers take unfair hit in American Families Plan.

Biden Directive on Mitigating Threats from TikTok, Other Foreign-Owned Apps Is Insufficient.

ICYMI:  Amazing how one uses capitalism then does all he can to destroy it.  How Zuckerberg Paid Millions for Progressives to Work with 2020 Election Officials Nationwide.

Maya Wiley embodies elite lefties’ resolve to destroy ordinary American life.

The Dark Side of Paradise: A Brief History of America’s Utopian Experiments in Communal Living.

What the West Can Learn from China’s War on India.

Rich Lowry opines:  Facing China means spending more on defense, Joe —not just pre-K and windmills.

From Bill Hammond writing for the Empire Center: Lawmakers Add to the High Cost of Health Insurance in New York with Tax Hikes and Mandates.

From Larry Kudlow writing in the New York Sun:  Squad’s Success in Moving Democrats on Israel Portends Trouble on Other Issues — and Opportunity for the GOP.

FINALLY:  Gov. Cuomo: State’s COVID-19 mandates are lifted, effective immediately.