President Biden’s economic plans will cost all Americans.

244 years ago, the 2nd Continental Congress adopted the American Flag.   Our flags colors have a specific meaning, Red – hardiness and valor, White – purity and innocence – Blue – vigilance, perseverance and justice.  CPNYS honors Old Glory for all the values Old Glory represents as our nation’s flag.

Reaffirming a devotion to freedom this Flag Day.

Everything You Need to Know About Flag Day 2021

Our Facebook live interviews return tomorrow – Tuesday the 15th – night (@7:00 pm) with John Faso discussing on the 2020 census, reappointment, and what it means for New York.  There is more information on our Facebook page.

The good news regarding the Critical Race Theory is that it is beginning to be recognized for what it is:  Critical Race Theory: These states are already cracking down on the controversial concept;  Stopping communism one school district at a time; Black Mom: Critical Race Theory Is False ‘Unless You Believe That Whites Are Better Than Blacks,’ and one more Communism Survivor Speaks Out Against Critical Race Theory.

David Keene opines in the Washington Times:  Keeping business focused on business rather than woke politics.

Ford, Mellon, Rockefeller Made Their Fortunes Thanks to Capitalism. Now, Their Foundations Seek to Undermine It

Biden and Putin in G7 and a Half.  “What Putin wants from Biden with regard to Iran is the lifting of sanctions against Iran…. With sanctions lifted, Russia could gain control of Iran’s immense energy resources. That would enable Russia to control Iran’s market share, thus heightening its own profile as the key source of supply for Europe and, in time, for China. In exchange, Iran would be helped to secure enough money to keep the regime in place….”

China and Iran: Join Up the Dots.   Gatestone Institute’s excellent article that makes the case why it was “a grave and ignorant error“ to believe that the Communist Chinese would thereby become more like us, with the admission of PRC to the World Trade Organization.

Biden Administration Outsources U.S. Asylum Process to UN and Foreign NGOs in Mexico

Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Childcare Plan Won’t Work, Harvard Economist and Obama Ally Concludes.

President Biden’s most secretive tax is hiding in plain sight: Inflation.

Steven Malanga writing in the City-Journal:  American Stagnation Plan/President Biden’s rescue package will finance a flood of questionable local government.

Bidenomics is proving a total disaster that could send America back to stagnant ‘70s

Most of the media will sleep through the Biden years.

From the Heritage Foundation:  The Border Crisis Is Coming to Your Front Door.

Ex-NYPD Commish Bratton Slams NY for ‘Disastrous’ Police Reforms.

NYC’s next mayor will struggle to overturn hard-left criminal justice ‘reforms’.

Theodore Dalrymple opines in the City-Journal about The Degeneration of Public Administration/Today’s bureaucrats speak and think in a language of social-managerial gibberish.

If any of our readers are planning on a road trip this summer (and in the future) you really should read this:  Get Set for the Battle of Kancamagus, as Federal Road Sign Mandates Test America’s Character.  Should make for interesting driving since the apps have not caught up with the road signs.