Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother, Chris, are not having a good day…neither is President Biden.

Biden’s summit with Putin only made the US seem weaker.  “He handed Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure elements that should be off-limits to cyberattacks — does he then mean he’s fine with Russia or criminals operating from there striking anything else?”  Why would you hand a former KGB agent a list of 16 critical infrastructure elements that should be off-limits to cyberattacks – it’s as if you told the opposing team what plays you are going to use to win the playoffs.  Unbelievably naïve…unbelievable that the Commander-in-Chief, the protector of the 330+ million people living in the United States, handed Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure elements and believes that he would respect that list.

Two big decisions from the United State Supreme Court.  One we have to go back to the drawing board on:  Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare law, dismissing challenge from red states, the 7-2 decision was not on Obamacare, rather that those who brought the lawsuit didn’t have standing to do so.  (Obamacare’s Side Effects: Higher Costs, Lower Choices.) The second decision was a decisive decision (9-0) for religious liberties:  Supreme Court sides with Catholic foster agency that excludes same-sex couples in 9-0 ruling.

This Is Your Brain on Critical Race Theory.

Betsy McCaughey opines about parents seeing through educrats’ lies about critical race theory can ‘fight the power’ and win.

Great article by Jeff Minick:  Woody Allen, Bill Buckley, and the Cancel Culture That Wasn’t.

Thomas Hogan and Gary Tuggle write in the City-Journal:  Stop Retaliatory Homicides Before They Start/The best policy to prevent a vicious circle of gang vendettas is to empower law enforcement to send violent criminals to jail.

San Francisco Chaos Proves It: Law and Order Is a Public Good.

Low-Level Crack Offenders Are Not Covered Under First Step Act, Unanimous Supreme Court Says.

After Competing Against Transgender Athletes, Mom and Daughter Fight for Fairness in Women’s Sports

Biden Divides Us. Here Are 12 Principles That Can Unite Us.

Biden Names Big Tech Opponent Chair of Federal Trade Commission.

Michigan Senate Passes Legislation to Add Voter ID Requirements: ‘Overwhelmingly Popular’.

Proponents Say H.R. 1 and S. 1 Will End “Dark Money.” They Won’t.

Pedro Gonzalez writes about Latino ‘Guerillas’ and the GOP.

GOP House Members Who Voted to Impeach Trump Face 2022 MAGA Primary Opponents.

From Gatestone Institute:  China’s Plan to Dominate ‘Near-Earth’ Space

Cuomo nursing home order did cause more deaths, should’ve been reversed sooner: task force.  (With all due respect to the task force – it never should have been ordered; especially since Cuomo knew it would be like “fire through dry grass.”

Janice Dean: Cuomo, COVID and nursing home deaths – this new report puts blame where families knew it belonged.

Churchill: Andrew Cuomo has little to celebrate

Governor Cuomo, did you see this article?  New York ‘crippled,’ Florida ‘flourishing’: Ex-McDonald’s CEO.

Gov. Cuomo’s brother isn’t having a good day either:  CNN’s Chris Cuomo roasted after asking for examples of his bias as critics dig up multiple instances.

This is devastating news:  House Democrats Block Defense Assistance for Israel.  “The measure would have required President Biden and his administration to develop “contingency plans to provide Israel with necessary defense articles and services” and allowed Biden to “direct the immediate transfer to Israel of such defense articles or defense services… necessary to assist Israel in its defense” when Israel is under military threat.”