The Electoral College gives the swamp oxygen.

State Election, National Effects.

Today is the first day to vote in the US Senate Elections in Georgia; hopefully, the citizens of Georgia know what Mr. Warnock thinks of the US Senate.  Warnock: U.S. Senators ‘Gangsters and Thugs’ Who Aimed to ‘Kill Children’

Newt Gingrich: How radical is Raphael Warnock? Look at Georgia Senate candidate’s record

If you ever wondered why Georgia (with the help of Stacey Abrams) went to such lengths to  have Georgia in the Biden column, this may help explain why:  Georgia, Mired in Election Disputes, Fosters Cozy Ties With China.

Houston, we have a problem…a very serious one.  Canada Invited Communist China to Come to Country to Participate in Military Exercises: Reports.

Gordon G. Chang writes in Gatestone Institute:  Espionage Emergency_ China ‘Floods’ America with Spies.

America needs Joe Biden to face the grim facts about China.

Mark Hemingway opines on Real Clear Politics that the Hunter Biden News Should Shame Dismissive Media Outlets.

How Media Bias and ‘Woke Identity’ Have Infiltrated Newsrooms.

Hunter Biden email shows $400G unreported income from Burisma, states he needs to ‘amend’ tax returns.

Really Mr. Biden?  Did those who voted for you, want you or a retread of the failed Obama Administration?  With all the qualified, even semi-qualified, people you could chose, why tap Susan Rice?  Susan Rice Returns/One of Obama’s worst advisers is resurrected for the Biden administration.  Was she part of the deal to get you elected by any means possible?  Or did you tap her because she is used to covering up grave faults of the administration she works for?

Robert Knight, writing for the Washington Times, also opines on the Biden picks, including Susan Rice.

Jon Miltimore opines in Intellectual Takeout:  Politicians Are Incentivized to Embrace Useless COVID-19 Restrictions.

This needs to be fixed; but the totally democratic state if New York doesn’t have the backbone to admit they went too far and are unlikely to do what is right for all citizens.  Most NYC perps arrested on gun charges soon walk free — even when they re-offend.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about ‘Collusion’ vs. Collusion in American Greatness.

Is this too little, too late?  Special Counsel John Durham expanding team, making ‘excellent progress’: source.

What a surprise, Andrew being Andrew.  Andrew Cuomo, as usual, makes COVID-19 vaccine all about himself.

Karol Markowicz opines in the NY Post:  This pandemic has politicians treating the public like children.

Michelle Easton writes in;  Silent No Longer: A New Voice for Conservatives!  (And the new voice in Congress is from New York!!!!!)

Seth Barron writes in the City-Journal about Bailout Bill.

In case you missed this…Wait…Obama Had a Good Relationship with…Conservatives? Oh, and Fox News Is to Blame for Screwing That Up.  (We thought you needed a laugh.)