Could this be good news? Toxic Linda Sarsour is campaigning in Georgia…

While far too many other women stand silent, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik remains steadfast in protecting all women.  Elise Stefanik Uses Cuomo’s Own Words to Call for a Probe into Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Him.

MeToo double standard: Evidence required when accused is a Democrat.

Any one surprised by this?  Heastie expects Albany will raise income taxes as early as this month.  What is surprising and very disappointing is this:  Economists urge New York to raise taxes on billionaires as budget crisis looms.  State of Politics notes there are 3 Ways Taxes Could Go Up in New York.  With democrats in total control of the legislature, they will certainly raise taxes before making any cuts to labor, spending. or pandering those who support socialism.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court gets this one right; but is it appears that the decision will not change any votes already cast in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Pandemic Doesn’t Exempt Voters from Proving Identity.  Then there is this: Crucial Logs Missing from Michigan County Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report.  The report referenced is not final and only time will tell if there is conclusive evidence of problems with the voting machines.  Gatestone Institute has more on the Dominion voting system here.

Chris Bedford: Joe Biden Is China’s Biggest COVID Win.

And his qualifications are…?  Biden picks Pete Buttigieg for transportation secretary: reports.  Obama retreads and novices.

Rich Lowry in today’s NY Post:  US intel veterans lied about ‘Russian plot’ — and the media bought it hook, line and sinker.

More on the Georgia elections here, here,  here, here and here.

Dennis Prager writes:  When 2-Year-Olds Are Thrown Off Airplanes, You Know America Has Changed.

Remember Giving Tuesday (December 1, this year)?  Here is a good explanation of what it is and why it is.

Here is a very interesting case if you make charitable donations:  The Supreme Court May Soon Rule on Donor Privacy.

This is a huge disappointment:  Supreme Court Turns Down Red State Bid to Salvage Proof of Citizenship Voter Law.

Devon Williams writes:  A Eulogy for My Father, Walter E. Williams.  (If only every child ever born would have a father like Walter E. Williams.)