Chairman Kassar discusses the COVID-19 vaccine, Gov. Andrew “Grinch” Cuomo, and the Texas lawsuit…

New York Set to Receive COVID Vaccine

 Yesterday, the Conservative Party issued the following legislative memo to the Legislative Members stating opposition to government mandating that New Yorkers receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

The Conservative Party of NYS is committed to the health of its citizens. With that being said, we firmly oppose the mandatory use of the COVID-19 vaccine, that this proposed bill calls for. There is no doubt that a vaccine will be useful in stemming the spread of this dangerous and deadly virus, and those who want to or need to have it, should be able to access the various COVID-19 vaccines that will be available. However, government must not make the mistake that a new, albeit FDA approved, vaccine should be mandated.

The first wave of COVID-19 was certainly deadly and a vaccine to prevent the devastating disease is welcome news. Much has been learned about COVID- 19 and while many New Yorkers welcome the new vaccine, some people have concerns on getting the vaccine that requires two doses. Government should not be taking on the role of mandating vaccines as a “protective measure” when people have legitimate concerns on being vaccinated.

The Conservative Party believes that people should have the right to decide if they want the COVID-19 vaccine, and if they do, it should be available to them, but government must not take on the role of mandating it.


We are thrilled New York will soon be receiving 170,000 doses from the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, but under no circumstance do we believe people should be forced to vaccinate.

Amongst the first to receive the vaccines will be healthcare workers, nursing home residents, essential employees.

Moderna will be delivering a second bath of doses shortly before January, it is expected New York City will receive 480,000 additional doses in that shipment.

The two companies, Pfzier and Moderna, will be producing 45 million doses before years end to the United States. That is enough for 22.5 million Americans as two doses are required per person.

This is welcomed news and a true testament to how hard the Trump Administration worked to provide these vaccines. Operation Warp Speed will have laid the groundwork to provide a vaccine months and months earlier than typical timelines.

A great accomplishment by our President Donald J. Trump and Chief Scientific Advisor Moncef Slaoui.

The Grinch in the Governor’s Mansion

 Governor Andrew Cuomo and other Democratic State Representatives want to wish you a Merry Christmas – by raising your taxes and burdening New Yorker’s with additional fees.

While the NY Post publishes stories of giddy real estate brokers in Florida clamoring over their new found wealth of New Yorker’s looking to re-locate for greener financial pastures, Democratic State Legislators in New York are continuing to find new ways to lighten your pocket.

Brooklyn Assembly-member Robert Carroll earlier this week announced legislation that would add an additional $3.00 fee for every individual package you ordered online. Not only is this idea harmful financially, it is also potentially harmful to your health. Individuals who use online ordering as a preventative to spending more time outside, risking the chance of getting sick, could now be forced to go to grocery, or other stores, to avoid an additional tax of $12.00 or $15.00 on packaging.

Never one to be outdone. Governor Grinch Cuomo this week said even with a federal bailout, taxes will be raised in New York State.

Conservatives and Republicans continue to oppose increases, while the business community warns that raising taxes on the wealthy will continue to be a further burden for the state financially as New Yorkers continue to re-locate.  State budget director, Robert Mujica, stated half of the state’s personal income tax revenue comes from the highest-earning 2% of taxpayers. Many of whom have already left.

Lawsuit Challenging Elections Results Filed

Texas has filed suit asking the Supreme Court to invalidate the results of the 2020 election citing evidence of voter fraud.

Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing four battleground states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. In the suit he says election procedures in those states due to the Corona Virus violated federal law. Paxton argues it was unconstitutional for state election officials to expand mail voting. He also gives examples that demonstrate “lawlessness” including Republican poll watchers not being permitted to watch the process of counting absentee ballots that were being pulled from under tables.  106 current House Republicans have joined the lawsuit in support of the President as well as attorneys general from 17 states who have filed their own friend-of-the-court brief in support of Texas

Additionally, six more states: Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah asked Thursday to join Texas in the case.

The Supreme Court has announced it will hear the case.

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