What do Emperor Cuomo and Hamlet’s Queen Gertrude have in common?

Why is Governor Cuomo so fearful of an independent investigation into his administration’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis when it comes to nursing homes?  Governor Cuomo actually said in the article that “Cuomo argued that a recent review by the state Department of Health found the cause of more than 6,000 nursing home deaths in New York since COVID-19 began was attributed to infections spread by staff members and not by residents who were, under his advisory order, returned to the facilities from hospitals while still infected but recovering. Cuomo said that report had been reviewed by “credible industry experts.”  Wow! Can you imagine what Cuomo’s reaction would be if the tables were turned and President Trump was defending his administration’s investigating itself?  The Emperor would be incensed; he would shout from his bully pulpit that a fox cannot guard the hen house.  Yet, here he is defending, deflecting and calling it political when it is apparent that a complete cover-up is being engineered by those who are responsible for allowing COVID-19 to spread like fire in dry grass.  There are no more public hearings on the matter; it is up to the public – you and I – to be certain that those responsible will be held accountable.  This is not about politics (The Nation is hardly a right-leaning publication).; this is about NEVER allowing an error in judgment that claimed lives, that failed to protect those most susceptible, and the ensuing denial that a grave error in judgment was made ever happen in the future.

Michael Gormley writes in Newsday that nursing homes defend NY virus response, but say changes needed.  When you read this article, it notes that “Nursing home operators said Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the State Legislature had cut funding to nursing homes over the past two years, exacerbating staff shortages…”  could it be they (nursing home operators are fearful of more cuts since the NYS budget is facing a $30B deficit.) Government programs are meant to help those who are not able to help themselves, not those who choose not to help themselves.  Those in nursing homes are obviously not able to care for themselves placing the onus on government to do what is right and that includes not sending them back to nursing homes when they are COVID-19 positive.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  Gov. Cuomo is snubbing the victims of his fatal nursing-home orders.

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Twitter still has @cpnys suspended and as you can tell, it really is getting rather annoying.  Perhaps they should read this article:  Why a Culture of Free Expression Demands Tolerance.  What the powers that be at Twitter fail to understand, is that no one is forced to read what we post!  If some simple-minded snowflake is “triggered” by something that we posted, what were they doing reading @cpnys, other than to lodge a complaint to stifle our right to express opinions.  It really is a disgrace that Twitter allows the “cancel culture” to flourish in a country whose First Amendment guarantees its citizens freedom of speech.

Investigating the Prevalence of Left-Leaning ‘Fact-Checkers’.

Texas Democratic Party targets big counties with mail-in voting outreach, but why should anyone be concerned about mail-in ballots, right?  Postmarks come under scrutiny as states prepare for mail-in voting, as well they should.  New York Board of Elections adds quick fix to mail-in ballots.  Hasn’t government learned that quick fixes never work right?

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I certainly do not understand why anyone would vote before the debates.  EPSHTEYN: Biden Should Have to Debate Before the First Votes Are Cast.  However, I am pretty certain that this reporter, Jeremy Diamond, would be one of the people who doesn’t give a dang about the debates (obviously slept through all his history classes) and will vote on the very first day possible:  CNN Reporter’s Mind-Numbingly Stupid Reason for Why Trump Picked Gettysburg As Possible Convention Speech Site

Let’s be honest, the unrest, looting and riots have not come to be overnight; the planning for them has been a long time coming. We sounded the alarm, but no one listened; now that is all they can hear.  ‘We will not prosecute’: Left-wing prosecutors, many backed by Soros cash, implement soft-on-crime policies across America.

This is New York’s legacy  while under total democratic control:  Fiend who raped, murdered two Westchester moms as kids listened is being freed.  You can change New York’s legacy; get involved in your local campaigns for the NYS Legislature, contribute if you don’t have the time; make phone calls, if you can’t contribute.  Do SOMETHING to regain a balance of power!

A Blueprint for a Pacifist, Socialist Republic.

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