Governor Cuomo should remember Plato’s words: “…The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

ProPublica has more bad news for Emperor Cuomo and may explain why he is so adamant against having an independent investigation.

Chris Churchill writes this in the Albany Times Union: The number Andrew Cuomo doesn’t want you to know.  Fortunately, there are some out there that are unwilling to sweep this ongoing crisis as to the number of deaths in nursing homes under the rug as the Emperor is trying to do.

Betsy McCaughey opines about how COVID-19 death rates reveal the states that failed the test: New York and New Jersey.

Aren’t you still grateful to have been born in America:  What Canada’s Response to the Pandemic Says about Canada — and the U.S..

Here is an update on how Sweden’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kamala Harris is Hillary Clinton without the charm, says George Rasley, Conservative HQ’s editor.

Michael Barone opines on why the Biden-Harris and Trump-Pence race is ‘tightening’.

Dan Mitchell explains what a Biden-Harris Administration and their cohorts seek to sanction in this article: The Economic Damage of Wealth Taxation.

This will no longer be true, thanks to economic freedom, America still outperforms ether nations in standard of living, under a Biden-Harris Administration.

When will the left- leaning media understand the difference between vote by mail and absentee ballots by mail?  Or do they fully understand and still want to do all they can to prevent a valid election process?  President Trump is right to do his best to prevent the chaos and fraud that the democrats are seeking by mailing ballots to everyone.  We support absentee ballots for those unable to get out and vote and strongly oppose the democratic effort to mail ballots to everyone.

The Truth About ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’.

Then there are those who destroy the core values of what helps America be the greatest nation in the world…why would anyone set out to destroy a McDonald’s House that only helps families during a health crisis?  The people who did that last night crossed the line and deserve a long prison term – for the fear they placed on the occupants —  as well as a lesson on humanity and then they should have to volunteer at a McDonald’s House to understand that doing good gives a sense of purpose that destroying property will never provide.   Pray for America; for if things like this are allowed to continue, America is on the path of devolving into a Third World Country.

While on the subject of Chicago, let’s look at why Chicago’s mayor blames her city’s murders on Wisconsin and Indiana.  Mayor Lightfoot is so misguided.

So is Mayor de Blasio: N.Y. Cops Were on Top of a Crime Wave—Then the Protests Came.

Great News:  Trump announces ‘Historic Peace Agreement’ between Israel, UAE.  Hopefully this will be the last peace agreement needed.

How does this woman sleep at night?   Maine Democrat Sara Gideon Killed Bills Outlawing Female Genital Mutilation.

When it comes to understanding the US Constitution (and all the sidebar innuendos attached to the uncluttered document our Founding Fathers wrote) Andrew C. McCarthy is the person who explains what is right and wrong.  His article, Politics, Not Law: Trump’s Usurpation of Congress’s Power to Legislate Unemployment Funding, is a perfect example and it also explains how and why President Trump will win in November.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

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