Is the democratic-controlled legislature “circling the wagon” to protect the Emperor?

This is a great article for your liberal friends, you children and grandchildren:  Abolishing History From the Classroom Is What Got Us Into This Mess.  The last paragraph sums it up well.

What the main stream media fails to tell us: Majority of Blacks Support Current or Increased Police Presence.

Jeff Minick asks and answers:  What Happened to Liberalism?

The National Review writes about:  New York’s Lawless NRA Lawsuit and Baby Please Come Back, Says Andrew Cuomo.

Gordon G. Chang opines in Gatestone Institute on TikTok: China’s Trojan Horse to Indoctrinate America.

“Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCPUSA), has endorsed Joe Biden for president,” is the opening sentence in Robert Knight’s latest column in the Washington Times.  Read the rest of it here.

The Daily Signal writes that the White House Weighs Bill in Response to Big Tech on Free Speech.  Conservatives support the First Amendment and are not prone to support any attempt to regulation free speech, however, when certain aspects of free speech are silenced, there may be no alternative than Congress stepping in to make certain that free speech is not silenced by bots or AI or some biased group of uneducated cretins.  I will admit that I am prejudiced since Twitter has silenced us since July 10 and twice before this year.  We can not access what others are saying and our voice isn’t being heard.  Twitter may continue to ignore us, not responded as to what we may have done to violate their rules, but they will never, ever completely silence us or others in the conservative movement.

Speaking of stopping voices…Janice Dean: NY Democrats Stopped Me from Testifying at Nursing Home Hearing.  Are we about to see another whitewash of Emperor Cuomo’s/Lapdog Zucker’s disastrous March 25th decision to admit COVID-19 patients to nursing homes?

Without Proper Context, Leaked COVID-19 Data Is Worse Than Misleading.

With civil unrest continuing in major cities it is important to understand what really matters to BLM? An Analysis of their own web content.

Mark Levin Exposes ‘Shocking Lie’ the Washington Post Wrote About His Interview with AG Barr.

Just a reminder:  FDR’s ‘New Deal’ Worsened and Prolonged the Great Depression.

Steven Mnuchin floats help for states after Trump executive orders.

Vote by Mail? No Thanks.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s green-light-red-light for New York schools.

Tony Lo Bianco: The Blues.