Governor Cuomo needs a math lesson…

Who said the two major political parties that are the players in Washington, DC, can’t agree in this strange political year?  Yesterday, both parties proved they have a “common enemy” called Big Tech, albeit for different reasons.  In today’s “cancel culture” world, this is a good sign; political parties – and individuals, colleges, big and small businesses, etc. – are allowed, no, they should be encouraged to reasonably discuss different opinions.  Most Americans agree as evidenced by Big Tech’s facing backlash (and the Washington, DC circuit is on the same page.)  Since @cpnys is currently suspended on Twitter, (the 3rd time this calendar year, in March for 30 days, in May for 16 days and currently since July 10) we understand the frustration of being silenced without any explanation of why we have been silenced.  Personally I cannot understand why Twitter Greenlights Ayatollah’s Calls for Genocide, while that very same platform has removed Trump tweets for ‘glorifying violence.’  I have asked the Twitter powers that be that question and am waiting for a reply; however, I am smart enough to know I shouldn’t hold my breath.  As we have noted; this November’s election is about America’s future, the America we love and admire for being the greatest nation that freedom loving people long to be a part of; or the America the progressive, undereducated, left want America to be.

Anyone who didn’t see this coming must have been living under a rock without access to reality.  Knowing that, it still is daunting when you see the actual numbers.  COVID-19 is still causing havoc and as long as people keep choosing to ignore the recommendations, the economy will continue to falter.  People are eager to get back to work, sports and weekend relaxation, our normal routines and our economy will recover…it is up to you.

More disappointing news for New York State residents:  State Pension Fund Lost Money in 2020, Pointing to Higher Costs Ahead.

This is so disingenuous coming from the person who issued Gov. Cuomo’s order to return patients to nursing homes, to say nothing of where it is published.  I seriously doubt that the readers of Rolling Stone even know about the Cuomo/Zucker order, thereby not understanding just how duplicitous the article really is.

Cuomo: Taxing wealthiest New Yorkers won’t cover COVID-related deficit.  Translation:  Everyone is going to pay more in taxes; especially if the democrats continue to have a strangled hold on every branch of government.  YOU can change that on November 3!!  We must elect those who understand how crucial it is to have a balance in our government.  This editorial is spot on:  Cuomo’s overreaches neglect the real problems.  Remember, the democrat-controlled legislature gave the Governor/Emperor carte blanche when COVID-19 descended on New York.  What other state legislature also abdicated their responsibility?  It appears from this article that many states had some authority when and if a “state of emergency” is declared, but not to the extent New York’s Emperor/Governor has with the abdication of the democrat-controlled legislature.

File this under:  Governor Cuomo seeks to a “save face” and not let his Restore Mother Nature Bond Act be in the November ballot, knowing full well it would fail.

Do you think Governor Cuomo failed math?  I am beginning to wonder myself.  Governor Cuomo, aka, the Emperor, admits to a $14B shortfall this year and a probable $16B next year, but he is asking Congress for $500B unrestricted aid in the HEALS Act.  So why is he asking for the extra $470B of your money?  Other than stating that NY has not been treated fairly and mentioning a few other shortfalls, there is no indication why the extra $470B is required.

From the NY Sun:  Barr Outmaneuvers the Democrats.

Read Gordon Chang’s explanation on the current “China seeds” theory.

America has lost two great patriots this week, Rest in Peace, Herman Cain and Olivia de Havilland.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.