Chairman Kassar’s wrap up this week discusses our National Affairs Platform, Congressman Nadler’s fake news and our Facebook interview with noted author and China expert Gordon Chang.

National Affairs Platform

The Conservative Party is committed to preserving the history of our great country and the men and women, who through their courage and fortitude, make this nation great. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin set us on a course that allowed us to improve our nation, to lift out of poverty millions of people, to guarantee religious freedom for all, and to offer unlimited opportunity for all its citizens. We are committed to preserving this legacy by honoring those who made this a reality.

In conjunction with our re-nominating of President Trump and Vice President Pence, we will be publishing our National Affairs platform on our website that was recently adopted by our Party’s Executive Committee. Here are a few highlights:

The Economy:

After decades of losing millions of manufacturing jobs overseas, the Conservative Party applauds the Trump Administration policies that has dramatically reversed the outflow of jobs. America is creating jobs at home at a faster pace than ever before. In addition to jobs, wages have increased for most workers and taxes have decreased. The statistics prove that this economic expansion is impacting workers at all levels of society. Black and Hispanic employment is at the highest level ever. We urge the continuation America First economic policies.

Law Enforcement:

The Conservative Party stands with the vast majority of Americans who oppose calls to defund law enforcement. While policing can always be improved, and unfit officers removed, the need for well-trained, adequately staffed law enforcement agencies are necessary to protect the rule of law for all.

The Right to Life:

 Throughout the history of the Conservative Party we have worked with Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Independents. In recent years the Democrat Party has taken such a radical turn Left we find ourselves at loggerheads with them on issue after issue. Our differences have become monumental and none more glaring than on the issue of Right to Life. Democrats have adopted the barbaric policy of sanctioning the aborting of children as they are emerging from the mother’s womb. Having lost battle after battle in the abortion wars, the Democrats have adopted a policy that is inhumane.

Foreign Policy:

 The greatest foreign threat to American interests is the People’s Republic of China. Through misguided policies of successive American Administrations, Communist China has risen to become a dangerous force that threatens the United States, our Asian allies, and the entire world.

The prime objective of foreign policy is to prevent war. Following the advice of our first President, George Washington, the United States should avoid entangling alliances. The objectives of our allies are not always identical to our own. We believe all our alliances, including NATO, should be re-evaluated to see if they still serve our national interests.

We believe the United Nations and any international organization that does not uphold the values of freedom and genuine human rights, are failed experiments. We applaud the Trump Administration policies that improved economic relations with Mexico, Canada, and other nations.

A full version of our National Affairs Platform will be available soon on our website. You will be able to read the expanded version of our 13 positions.

Nadler Lies, Calls Antifa Violence a “myth”

As we see images and hear first-hand accounts regarding the carnage being caused in cities across America, New York Congressman Jerry Nadler declared the events and Antifa violence as a “myth.”

Never mind that many of you experienced the rioting first hand, as I have here in New York City. Democrats feel so invincible they now believe they can perpetrate lies regardless of the television coverage showing live fires, stores being vandalized, and police vehicles set on fire.

The Democrats continue to grasp at straws in an effort to discredit President Trump. Now, they are telling the American people that there aren’t any violent protests. Blatant lies cast by shameless, far left liberals, who thrive off chaos and wish to see harm done in American cities to cause unrest and division.

If Rep. Nadler is interested, I will personally pay for his travel to Seattle, Washington where Antifa thugs and protesters have been anything other than peaceful.

Facebook Live with Gordon Chang

 I was happy to be joined last night by Fox News Contributor, Author, Columnist, and renowned China expert Gordon Chang for a Facebook live discussion. We covered many topics including COVID19, The Houston consulate closing, the 2020 elections, and much more.

You can watch our talk here.

You will not be disappointed as Gordon gives his expert analysis on the Chinese Government and their relations with the United States.

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