The Emperor adds more states to New York’s COVID-19 quarantine list…

Jarrett Stepman, writes a compelling article in the Daily Signal that explains how imperative it is that Americans understand that America is standing on a precipice trying to decide if the Founding Fathers were heroes or villains.  Far too many young minds have been influenced by those who see America’s Founding Fathers as villains and those of us who see them has heroes and still believe in the American Dream are unaware of how much damage has been done over the last 20 or so years.  The NY Times 1619 Project is masquerading as truth and demanding to be the recognized as America’s true history.  What we are seeing now, throughout our country, is not about to end due to zealous beliefs our younger generation have been inoculated with.  We have said it before, this November election for President, Congress and state Legislatures’ is for the future.  Will America continue to be the beacon of freedom throughout the world or will it become another monumental failure based on the assumption that the 1619 Project is based on truth?   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ever expanding squad, including Joe Biden, is counting on the latter.

Dennis Prager writes in; Anti-Americanism: The New Anti-Semitism

What planet is Congressman Nadler living on?

First the Emperor told us he didn’t have to self-quarantine upon his return from his trip to Georgia (to explain how to cope with COVID-19) now we learn that the Emperor, who has mandated that every person in NYS wears a mask when they cannot maintain the proper 6 foot distancing, didn’t wear a mask while hugging the Savannah, GA mayor.  So typical of our “do as I say; not as I do” Emperor/Governor.

Governor Cuomo continues to wield his power by fast-tracking appointments to the New York State Financial Control Board.

Cuomo: Next Two Weeks Will Determine State Budget Cuts.  It won’t only be cuts; taxes will rise.  As anyone who has returned to getting their hair cut or nails done, the prices these small businesses charge for their services have had nominal increases to make up for the loss of income.  Food costs have risen as well as various other items.  Brace yourselves; life is about to become more expensive for all of us.

Intellectual Takeout reprinted Ryan McMaken’s article for Mises Institute, titled, Using Statistics to Get Your Way in Politics.  It is an interesting article in that it points out how certain statistics are being used to gain power by politicians…our Governor being one who did so masterfully.

Any doubt?  More states, others added to New York coronavirus quarantine list.  But, he does make an exception for sports;  Cuomo invites all MLB teams to play in New York state amid COVID-19 issues.

The Lincoln Project is just another way for hacks to milk (liberal) donors.

I have listened and watch a fair amount of Congressional Hearings, today’s, Chaired by Congressman Jerold Nadler, is disgraceful, rude, and unbecoming.  When did the members of the majority decide to act like a group of college kids enjoying too many drinks on a Saturday night; they wouldn’t let anyone outside their group say a word, limits each other to questions that only require a yes or no answer, and tell them they are intruding on their time? There was not one scintilla of respect of the United States Attorney General William Barr. Here is a quick assessment by Guy Benson:  ‘Shame on You:’ House Democrats’ Idiotic Hearing With Attorney General Barr.