New York’s Emperor Strikes Again; 10 more states added to quarantine list.

New York is digging a financial hole that may take years to recover from.  NY suspends licenses of four bars, including one on LI, and adds 10 states to quarantine list, Cuomo says.  Governor Cuomo is seriously doing more harm to New York than anyone thought possible.  It is time that Governor pays attention to the science of the virus; he is overreacting to his initial deadly mistake of forcing nursing homes to admit/readmit COVID-19 positive patients.  What he is doing now does not mitigate his earlier judgement, in fact, it is obvious that New York’s death rate – what he fears most will inch up again – is due to his mishandling the COVID-19 crisis.  It is also a problem that most of the main stream media fails to recognize that fact.  For the governor to say follow the facts and science on a regular basis, he fails to follow his own advice; but that is nothing new to those of us who have followed his career.

11 COVID Assumptions Based on Fear not Fact

Tough talk from Governor Cuomo on public health mandates.

Is the Emperor morphing into Captain Queeg?  Andrew Cuomo: People ‘fleeing the virus in their state’ to come to ‘safe’ New York.

Don’t be surprised when your health insurance premiums go up.

Another fact this is very disturbing:  Domestic Violence More Than Doubled Under Lockdowns, New Study Finds.

Is it possible that democrats do not watch the news?  Or is it that they just cater to the hard-left progressives that are trying to destroy America?  Bill Shielding Undocumented Immigrants in Courts Passes Assembly.  This bill makes a mockery of our system; if you provide undocumented immigrants protection in the courts – how does justice survive when a person is knowingly allowed to flaunt the immigration laws?  Justice only works when all laws are held in equal respect and equal enforcement.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have it exactly wrong on feds vs. protesters in Portland.

Chris Wallace compliments Donald Trump; yes, you did read that right.  Read what he said here.

Thinking outside the education box. This could be an interesting concept; however, I do admit, it has been a long time since I have had school age children.  At the very least, it is an idea for those who are fearful of sending their children back to school.

Nicole Gelinas writes in City Journal on the Underground, a Pandemic of Lawlessness

Chicago says no to President Trump’s offer to help; Portland condemns federal troops being there, Cuomo sits in front of a photo in the daily news telling cops to do their jobs, yet all three cities have made it possible for lawlessness to survive.  Those of us who are still proud Americans want this to end.  President Trump, we have your back.  It is really a shame that progressive only have their lust for power driving them and they ignore, not they completely try to discredit what President Trump is doing for all Americans who want the opportunity to live the American Dream.

This California Law Is Ripping Away American Dreams. The Left Wants to Take It Nationwide.

Chairman Kassar signs on to the Conservative Action Project that asks the Trump Administration to halt tax breaks for abortions.

Conrad Black writes in the NY Sun that the election shapes up as a major test of U.S. Press.

Nike, Other Global Brands, Complicit in China Slave Labor.

Here’s Where the White House is on a Stage Four, Wuhan Coronavirus Stimulus Plan.